Google THIS, Joe: Biden’s Intern Asks Twitter to ‘Google Project 2025’ and It Does NOT Go Well


We’re not sure if everyone is aware, but Project 2025 is SCARY, Y’ALL. 

Well, if you read Twitchy, you already do know how terrifying the left’s new boogeyman is. If Donald Trump gets elected and ushers in Project 2025, it will be The Handmaid’s Tale in America. (Why is this the only program the left ever watches?) It is not a game, according to paid Democrat dweeb Harry Sisson, And if you ask Rep. Eric Swalwell, it means — GASP — forced marriage. Seriously, that guy’s weird fantasies are always off-the-charts insane. 


But you get the idea. With nothing to campaign on in favor of Joe Biden, the Democrats have settled on trying to scare Americans into voting for him with dystopian nightmare scenarios — even though Trump does not h ave anything to do with Project 2025. It’s just a conservative research proposal from The Heritage Foundation. 

Today, the President himself (or, more accurately, his intern, since Biden does not know how to tweet) decided to get in on the action of shouting ‘BOO’ to America with this short tweet. 

Spine-chilling, isn’t it? 

Was the Biden account asking everyone else to Google it because he doesn’t know how? That’s the only logical conclusion here. 

Of course, this went over on Twitter like a lead balloon and the mockery began almost immediately. 

We’re fairly sure Biden has never used Twitter OR Google once in his life, so this is plausible. 

That’s a no-go on the presser. He can only do press conferences by phone anymore, with his script in front of him and ‘Doctor’ Jill whispering in his ear what to say. 

HA. Not a chance. 



LOL. Best … Google … search result … EVER. 

Twitchy’s Artist Angie did indeed write about this exact subject recently

This is the same crack communications team that brought us the phrase ‘Big Boy’ press conference yesterday. Let that sink in. 

Is it Hunter? It’s Hunter, isn’t it? 

This is good advice, since Biden even told George Stephanopoulos on Friday that he wasn’t sure if had watched it or not (hint: he hasn’t). 

Maybe the funniest reactions though were all the people suggesting other things that Biden himself should Google. 


That is an exhaustive list. Biden might have to take all of those one day at a time. 

LOL. Don’t get Biden started on Googling ice cream. That is a rabbit hole from which he may never emerge. 

This one is a little obscure from libertarian Spike Cohen, but the tweet he sent a couple of days ago explains it. 

OUTSTANDING. Project Afuera sounds awesome. Where do we sign up? 

It’s already past 4 PM. He can’t. 

The First Lady has blocked those keywords on all White House computers. 



Ironically, Googling “Agenda 2030” produces the same results as Googling “The Communist Manifesto.”

You might want to run an anti-virus on your computer. Those search results definitely infected it with something. 

HAHAHAHA. Any Gen X kid who had a calculator in school gets that joke. 

Or Visiting Angels. That would work too. 


Of course, like everything else that comes out of the Biden White House, the timing of this tweet could not have been worse. Earlier today, Trump issued the program he actually IS behind. It’s not Project 2025. It’s ‘Agenda 47.’ And it was just announced as the platform for next week’s Republican National Convention. 


Wow, look at everything on that list. Pretty scary stuff, right? 

Oh, wait … no. Not scary at all. If anything, many Republicans will not consider it conservative enough

But Joe Biden doesn’t know any of this. Why bother? It’s much easier for him to direct one of his interns to tweet out the eerie and blood-curdling command ‘Google Project 2025’ and hope it scares enough people to forget that the President has dementia.

After all, he’s forgotten it. Why won’t 350 million Americans do the same?