GOP Announces ‘Protect the Vote’ Initiative to Ensure Fair and Transparent Election, Block Democrat Fraud


There is still a lot of discontent around the 2020 election, not just the outcome but also the manner in which many jurisdictions conducted that election and the perception that shenanigans were committed. 


The Republican National Committee is determined to prevent any shenanigans this year. To that end, they have announced a “Protect the Vote” tour, intended to promote election accuracy and transparency and to enhance (Republican) voter turnout.

The launch of the Protect the Vote Tour marks a pivotal step in our mission to ensure a fair and transparent election. Led by RNC Chairman Michael Whatley and RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump, this nationwide initiative will recruit poll watchers, poll workers, and legal experts to mobilize during the 2024 election season. The Protect the Vote tour will champion election integrity, rally voters for President Trump, and train volunteers to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat this November. 

Here’s the purpose and the plan:

  • The Protect the Vote Tour is part of the RNC’s boots on the ground initiative to recruit 100,000 poll watchers, poll workers, and legal experts ahead of the election. 
  • Leading up to Election Day, we are pursuing every legal action to ensure our elections are secure and transparent and inspire voter confidence. Our trained and dedicated poll watchers, poll workers, and legal experts will oversee whenever a ballot is being cast or counted this election. 
  • Democrats across the country have promoted election systems that are open to fraud, encouraged non-citizens to vote, and used our tax dollars for their GOTV activities. Rather than fixing their failed policies, they have focused on dismantling election integrity efforts.   
  • For more information and to join the effort, visit


As should surprise no one, I have some questions.

First: The efforts to recruit and place poll watchers, poll workers, and so on are laudable. Our elections have been the subject of a lot of (justified) skepticism in the last few cycles. But a lot of that skepticism is due to the use of automated voting machines, not only to cast but to tally votes. What plans are in place to deal with these automatic machines, to validate them, and to ensure that the inputs and outputs are verified and accurate?

Second: What plans are in place to fix the failed policies? How does the RNC propose to fix policies in jurisdictions controlled by Democrats?

Third and finally: What plans do the RNC have to encourage what’s being called the “bank the vote” scheme — in other words, to get Republicans out to vote early in jurisdictions that have that as an option? If the Democrats are doing it, it seems like the Republicans should be making an effort to capitalize (hah) on this as well.

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In endeavors such as this, I grant you that every effort is worth undertaking if it promotes accurate, fair, transparent elections, especially when it comes to tallying the votes. 

We’ve already seen that the Democrats and the left will go to great lengths to prevent the Trump sequel, “Trump 2 – This Time It’s Personal.” And we can probably expect this kind of wrangling from here on out; Pandora’s box has been opened, and the first little imp to show his face outside of the box is named “Lawfare.” This initiative, this “Protect the Vote” tour, is good, but fixing our system will require offensive, not merely defensive maneuvering. Push harder for voter ID laws. Remove illegal aliens from the census tally for reapportionment. Should Trump win in November, and should the House and Senate end up in Republican hands, these things should be drafted and ready on Day One of the new Congress; the Speaker of the House should have to do no more than bang the gavel and yell “GO!”


The defense is fine. The reaction is fine. But we’re going to need to see some proactive work done as well. The best defense is a good offense!