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Of all the liberal media spins in the world, one of the biggest ones they produce is usually in relation to the border. They always report it is safer than ever, and that President Biden is a hero of some kind for leaving our border wide open. Now, the Texas Tribune has thrown their latest idea into the cement mixer.

They claim that Governor Greg Abbott’s proposed border wall will take three decades to build, and cost taxpayers upwards of $20 billion. So far, the state has 34 miles of border wall spread out along the 1,254-mile-long border. That is clearly not enough, but the tribune got something wrong.

Their bases for cost and construction lies in the idea that there will be a border wall along every single mile. That would include the mountainous Big Bend area, and just is not really practical. Bob Price of Breitbart says that was also never the plan.

“It is not so much how much wall is being build, it is where it is being built…he is building sets of walls in strategic areas,” he says. “It just shows the liberal bias of these media organizations.”

There are also plenty of natural landscape barriers in Texas where a wall is simply not needed, particularly in the Big Bend sector. Large cliffs, mountains, and very dangerous terrain pretty much act as a de-facto wall.

Abbott along the way though has been clear what his plan is, despite what outlets might say. Everyone knows too Texas and the Biden Administration have gone toe-to-toe with various lawsuits between the two over how to secure the border.

Ultimately though, it all falls on the federal government to secure the border, not on the state. Biden has refused to do that. But a change to Trump in November might do the trick.

“When Trump wins, he will immediately start building walls again like he was, and Texas taxpayers will not have to then foot the bill for what is the federal government’s responsibility,” he says.

So once again, it all boils down to some crafty liberal spinning, which is just what we have come to expect.

“The media is all over the place…and most people are getting news from places that support this agenda…and do not look at the national security implications,” he says.

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