Greg Gutfeld Hilariously Points Out How the Media Is Making DeSantis the New Trump

Fox News host and reigning king of late-night comedy, Greg Gutfeld, has noticed a really interesting trend from the leftist media.

For years, you’ve watched as the left demonized Donald Trump to the point of obvious absurdity. The man couldn’t sneeze without people calling it white supremacist signaling. No matter what his interaction was with any world leader, it was always disastrous and there was no move he didn’t make without enemies that wouldn’t immediately result in a world war.

But now it seems that the media is beginning to turn a corner on Trump, or at the very least, they don’t think he’s as bad as what’s coming down the pipe. As Gutfeld noted in his monologue on Tuesday night’s show, the media has a new politician that qualifies as the next “worse than Hitler,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to the media, DeSantis is just a smarter Trump and therefore far more dangerous.

“This monster flew illegal immigrants to a rich paradise on a private jet,” said Gutfeld of DeSantis. “I know, what a (expletive).”

Gutfeld read a quote for the New York Times calling DeSantis “meaner and more rigid, without the soft edges and eccentricity of the actual Donald Trump.”

“He’s so mean that half the country’s population is moving to his damn state,” said Gutfeld.

Gutfeld went on to note that every single Republican who has ever run for president has received this treatment, including Republicans that Democrats now consider great people. This includes George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Mitch McCain, all of whom the left attempted to pass off as neo-Hitlers.

Now, with DeSantis beginning to post a very large threat, the leftist media is attempting to move DeSantis into the position currently held by Trump as the worst of the worst, a position once held by Bush, Romney, and McCain before him.

The media’s strategy is easy to guess. They’re beginning to think that DeSantis might be a bigger threat than Trump in the coming elections. His moves are giving Republicans momentum and if he keeps up the pace then by 2024 he’ll be a powerhouse that could either rival or defeat Trump.

They also know that DeSantis would easily steamroll whoever Democrats throw up against him. Interestingly, it would appear the New York Times would rather have Trump run than DeSantis. And why not? They’ve spent a lot of time cultivating hatred for Trump among the populace and it would take a lot of time and effort to get the same going for DeSantis, especially when he’s making moves that please the general populace.

If that’s the case, then you can expect the attacks on DeSantis to get more ridiculous pretty quickly.