Here’s a Doozy of a Paragraph to Describe Biden Getting Annihilated by Trump in the First Debate


Joe Biden got bulldozed by Donald Trump in the first debate. We all saw it happen in real-time. And the polling after this spectacle will be brutal for the Biden camp. As we start the new week, 72 percent think Biden doesn’t have the mental capability to serve as president; 86 percent thought he was too old to run for a second term last winter. Even reporters wonder how one can imagine securing another term when three-fourths of the country thinks you’re too brain-fried to run the country.


The leaks from the Biden White House have also been brutal, with aides admitting that between 10 am and 4 pm is the only window where Biden is semi-cogent. It peters out quickly after that six-hour window closes. Yet, this spin in Politico about the initial reaction from a poll by The PSG Consulting, Democracy Corps, and Greenberg Research is something to behold [emphasis mine]: 

“President Biden was hurt badly by the debate, but Donald Trump didn’t benefit on any measure, except the vote,” a summary of the findings reads, referring to its measurement of which candidate voters would choose on a ballot before and after the debate. 

Sure, it’s a poll sample of Democratic-leaning voters, but that takes some grade-A delusion to pen that and think no one will find that insane. 



‘Trump didn’t benefit in anyway except that everyone thought he ran roughshod over the president’ is the conclusion you come to after a hit or two from Hunter Biden’s crack pipe.