Here’s Your Adam Kinzinger Laugh of the Day: What CNN Says About His Future in the GOP


I reported about a week ago how former representative and now CNN political commentator flunky, Adam Kinzinger, as a “proud conservative,” had endorsed Joe Biden the day before Biden’s disastrous debate. Then afterward, it was funny to watch him scramble, retweeting posts from people who were calling on Biden to step aside. When asked if he was sorry about endorsing Biden, he claimed he wasn’t, that he was “proud of standing against the habitual liar.”


Now, that was hilarious because Kinzinger had endorsed the “habitual liar,” Joe Biden. And you can’t endorse Joe Biden and claim you’re a “proud conservative” without either being dishonest or delusional, since Biden has governed as a leftist. 


Hilarious: Adam Kinzinger Endorsed Joe Biden, Then Came the Debate. Now, Watch Him Scramble.

Kinzinger has a distorted opinion of himself and delusions of grandeur, with apparent desires for higher office. So it was more than a little funny when CNN tried to promote him in this clip (that our friends at our sister site Twitchy found) after he endorsed Biden as, “The rising star Adam Kinzinger, seen as future Republican presidential candidate”:  

He claimed that he hadn’t changed–that the Republican Party had changed, and the party “no longer knows what it believes anymore.” 

The Republican Party doesn’t know what it believes so he, the pure conservative, endorses someone who has governed like a leftist. That makes sense. Not.


CNN gave that description of Kinzinger because it wanted to make his endorsement of Joe Biden sound more significant. Plus, it sounds gross promoting their own employee.

But it’s ridiculous. He threw in with the Democrats long ago on the Jan. 6 Committee. He has no chance in heck to ever get the Republican nomination, Republicans wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher. This “rising star” couldn’t even beat the gerrymandering in his own district. The only person who may have less of a chance is his Jan. 6 Committee buddy, former representative Liz Cheney, who got curb stomped by Rep. Harriet Hageman in Wyoming. In what reality would either of these characters have a chance of winning any Republican nomination?  Who would be their constituency?

What makes the clip even funnier is when Kinzinger is called that, he nods in agreement to the description of him being a “rising star.” What a self-involved character he is. 

CNN is apparently looking for another “rising star possible presidential candidate” since something happened to their last choice, Michael Avenatii. Can we say what horrible judgment they have? That tells you how much you can trust what they say. 


People, including Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), fell over laughing on X, as the clip went viral on Saturday: