How James Carville Triggered a WaPo Reporter


James Carville and Bill Maher did a number on progressive America at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June. Both men are anti-woke liberals who are seeing their party careening toward the cliff, thanks to morons taking the steering wheel. The Democratic Party now kowtows to antisemites, people who think “Queers” can be for Palestine, and whose liberal card is only renewed if you believe that children should mutilate their genitals and tip drag queens with a neon lit sign reading “it isn’t going to lick itself” behind it. 


Carville is more centered on the political messaging of the party, which he feels is too whiny and female for it for be successful. Bluntly, the party began messaging like the leftists at National Public Radio and it’s become a nightmare. Carville is especially worried about the rapidly decreasing number of men identifying as Democrats, something I know liberal women shrug off because it’s the ‘white guys.’ Democrats have long had issues with white men over 40. 

Yet, it’s now Black and Hispanic men from the working class who are rapidly heading into the GOP camp. And that, could potentially be an election-killing formula for generations. As Carville noted, people have lives to lead, and when you say you can’t watch football, drink beer, and eat hamburgers—you’re going to lose. It’s a point that made The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, who led this discussion, very uncomfortable:

Carville reiterated his position against identity politics on CBS News, likening America to a gumbo dish and how this hyper-left-wing messaging just sets us up for nasty divisions. 



“When you talk about your identity first, and the country second, then people who don’t share your identity, are not going to be persuaded by you,” he added. The longtime Democratic Party strategist, who might be one of the last sane ones left, said his primary identity is being an American. 

Amen. I also find it amusing how this uncontroversial and factual position infuriates liberals so much.