It’s summer, do you know what your kids are reading?


SAN ANTONIO – For 15 years Camp Good Sam on San Antonio’s West Side has been focused on improving literacy for the children in the community they serve.

Amanda James, director of youth and teen services at Good Samaritan Community Services, said the focus each summer is reducing the summer slide that students typically experience.

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“If you don’t practice actively reading or actively participating in math, then you’re going to lose those skills. They tend to slip very quickly,” James said. The six-week free camp provides kids with fun, but is committed to making sure children sit down to read for at least 30 minutes each day.

“By the end of summer camp and the end of the six weeks, the kiddos will get to go through the whole entire book,” she said. This year’s theme is “Harry Potter”.

The organization is financially supported by local agencies, including the Up Partnership and their commitment to ensure Bexar County is future ready by preparing tomorrow’s youth.

James hopes families are doing their part at home to encourage kids to practice the skills they learned at school.

“Being able to read really puts a foundation on everything else in life. Reading is going to help you with job applications. Reading is going to help you succeed in whatever you decide to do,” James said.