Jeff’s Political Corner: Landry’s Texas visit, Kellyanne Conway on La. education


SHREVEPORT, La. — In the KTBS-3 political wrap-up for Thursday, Gov. Jeff Landry made a visit to the southern border in Texas.

Landry was there to observe the Louisiana National Guard troops on loan to Texas to help combat the influx of illegal immigrants.

Landry met with Brigadier Gen. Thomas Friloux while getting and overview of Operation Lone Star, which is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s push to keep illegals out of the United States. Landry mobilized 150 Louisiana Guard troops in March, to help with Operation Lone Star.

Kellyanne Conway

Former Donald Trump campaign advisor, Fox News contributor and national pollster Kellyanne Conway has been working with Landry’s administration on a variety of topics, including education. She says a poll of more than 600 Louisiana voters shows despite spending more than $13,000 per student, the voters are frustrated with education in the state.

“They don’t think we’re spending too much on students,” said Conway. “They think we’re spending too unwisely and money should be back in the hands of parents and let the money follow the child.”

That, of course, was one of Landry’s key issues for this legislative session — Education Savings Accounts or ESAs. However, a vote on SB313 Wednesday night, was unsuccessful and the bill was returned to the calendar.

State Sen. Alan Seabaugh of Shreveport says it could come up again next week.

Also in this political wrap-up:

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  • Conway will also comment on adult film actress Stormy Daniels who is testifying in Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York.


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