Joe Biden Brag for Buying Votes Goes Down to Defeat Before Thursday’s Debate


I believe that Joe Biden is having a tad bit of a rough run-up to his first presidential debate with former president Donald Trump on CNN Thursday night. Even though he has been resting up at Camp David, if he is actually being informed of some of the things that are happening to policies his administration supports, he would obviously be discouraged, maybe even sad.

Yet I know a vanilla ice cream cone will always brighten his mood as long as he doesn’t drop it on the floor.

The student loan forgiveness program that his administration tried to put into action last year has hit another snag. Of course, I like to think of it as the student loan buying my vote initiative with taxpayer money, but I’m sure that’s too many words to do an acronym that the kids would easily remember. 

My colleague, Susie Moore, covered this latest setback for the Biden administration just yesterday:  Big Win for Missouri and Six Other States on Biden’s Latest Student Loan Scheme

President Joe Biden’s latest plan to do an end-around of the Supreme Court and force student loan forgiveness hit a roadblock on Monday when a U.S. District Court Judge partially granted a preliminary injunction of the latest Department of Education rule creating a new income-driven repayment plan referred to as the “Savings on Valuable Education” (SAVE) plan. 

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R), whose office filed a complaint seeking the injunction in April, along with the states of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma, announced the win late Monday afternoon on X:

This roadblock to an attempt to influence voters with other people’s money may be one reason Joe’s former boss, Barack Obama, has anxiety over how Joe is faring in this election cycle. Possibly.

Barack Obama Has Anxiety Over Biden Reelection, Holds Meetings With Joe on How to Win

If Obama was being serious and 100 percent honest, his anxiety would be that he’s looked into Joe Biden’s eyes and seen a vacant stare back that would terrify anybody who cares about a fellow human being. However, seeing as Obama has been a president of the United States, he knows better than most that his former Vice President is not capable of doing the job and completing this race.

That should be terrifying to him.

And, yet, this is what the 44th President of the United States is worried about.

President Biden and ex-President Barack Obama have met privately on several occasions to discuss how the close confidants can save their legacy from former President Trump in 2024, according to a new report.

A Monday story from New York Magazine, titled “What Obama is Whispering to Biden,” provides detailed information about the “secret” meals shared by the two presidents and how they can salvage the 2024 election amid concerning indicators.

One of Obama’s friends told the outlet that while “his anxiety about the election is real,” the former president’s concerns fall in line with the opinions of other top Democrats.

Although Joe’s plans got halted before the upcoming debate, he still thinks otherwise, I’m sure, given how he felt last summer.

‘That didn’t stop me,” President Biden crowed after the Supreme Court blocked his sweeping student loan cancellation last summer. Well, on Monday federal judges appointed by Barack Obama stopped his latest debt forgiveness scheme too.

The Education Department finalized its SAVE plan mere days after the High Court(Biden v. Nebraska) blocked its $400 billion write-off. The SAVE plan caps monthly payments at 5% of discretionary income—defined as exceeding 225% of the poverty level—and forgives remaining balances after 10 to 20 years. It also waives accrued unpaid interest.

Eighteen states sued on grounds that SAVE wasn’t authorized by Congress and turned loans into grants. Federal judges Daniel Crabtree and John Ross more or less agreed and blocked most of the SAVE plan, though they let some provisions take effect as litigation continues.

Judge Crabtree held that the SAVE plan likely violates the High Court’s major questions doctrine because it is “‘an enormous and transformative expansion in statutory authority without clear congressional authorization.’” The $475 billion estimated price tag over 10 years, he writes, “forgives nearly one-third of all student loan debt.”

This is actually one of those moments that I worry about and here is why.

The American people are over-taxed — way over-taxed. 

Higher education for their children is one of the things that they greatly worry about and along comes an old codger who’s willing to “give them free money” to alleviate this problem. Many, I’m sure, will make the connection that this is a buyout. Or will they say, “Screw it — I’m over-taxed; this is a way to get back some of the money that I paid for years and it will go to set up my offspring to put them on the right footing”?

On a deeper level, I think most people know that this is a bribe but during an election year when everything is going wrong, can they overlook all the other disasters that we’ve had the past three and a half years and say, “You know what? My kids deserve this”?

I guess we’ll find out in just over four months.