Matagorda County residents clean up damage caused by Beryl


MATAGRODA COUNTY, Texas – Coastal communities have spent the day cleaning up damage caused by Beryl, which has now been categorized as a tropical depression.

In Matagorda County, near where Beryl made landfall, several homes and businesses had shingles ripped off roofs.

Homes along the bay had bent garage doors, mangled siding, and debris in the driveway and roads.

Mark Moraw drove an hour to check on the home he’s been building for four months.

He expected to see his boat port destroyed.

“I was like, ‘Oh lord, not a good feeling, not a good feeling,’” Moraw said.

Instead, he said the surge washed up debris and caused minor damage.

“Just really some roof damage,” he said. “There’s shingles that have popped off, and there’s some fixture up there that actually broke loose.”

Even with the issues, Moraw expects his family will be able to enjoy their beachside property by the end of summer.

A Matagorda County spokesman told KSAT that several roads were closed because of flooding and debris blocking them.