Mavs’ Luka Doncic yells at Celtics fan after hitting three pointer in Game 2 of NBA Finals


It’s been a hot start to Game 2, and Luka is let one fan sitting courtside know it.

DALLAS — Game 2 of the NBA Finals started off with a bang as the Mavs led 28-25 after the first quarter. 

Mavs star Luka Doncic put up 13 points as he went five for seven from the field and 2-for-3 from beyond the arch. One of Doncic’s three pointers came with a fiery exchange between him and a Celtics fan sitting courtside. 

While it’s currently unclear what provoked the exchange, Mavs fans have taken to X to encourage more fan exchanges as they feel this will only help Doncic’s game. 

If you’ve watched Mavs games in the past, you know this is not an abnormal occurrence. Doncic has been known to feed off of negative energy he gets from opposing crowds, and Boston could be the most hostile of all. 

So, we will keep watching closely to see if Doncic has anymore exchanges with this fan or others in attendance.