Moore to the Point – It’s a Free Country


While freedom has long been a critical feature of the American experiment, the extent to which we can actually lay claim to it has been called into serious question in recent years. Repeatedly, we’ve seen instances of government overreach, most notably during the COVID pandemic, when lockdowns and mandates were all the rage and censorship was sexy (at least in the eyes of some). 


There was a stretch of time where everything felt constricted and subdued, and a future featuring freedom seemed elusive. That cloud has lifted some, but it still feels as though it’s lurking in the background. 


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This past weekend, I was witness to some reassuring signs that America is, indeed, still a free country. I had the pleasure of attending my daughter’s college graduation. In addition to being an enjoyable celebration of her accomplishments, two things really stood out to me: 

  1. There wasn’t a masked face to be found – not at the ceremony in a crowded arena, not in the grocery store or restaurants, not in the bars. 
  2. Listening to live music on Saturday, while the crowd was lively throughout, it was at its liveliest when the band played Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.” 


A bar full of celebrating, drinking, flirting 20-somethings jumped up and down and shouted out the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Times may be tough, and it may feel like we’re faltering, but most of the kids are alright — and something tells me we will be, too. 

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, May 13th. Audio included below.