NOT HELPING: Biden Tries to Explain His Abysmal Debate Performance and Makes Things WORSE


Despite hunkering down at Camp David for ten days to debate prep, we all know how badly the Thursday debate went for Biden. At first, the Biden team tried to pass off his appearance and voice as the side effects of a cold. Keith Olbermann even blamed his rambling answers and thousand-yard stare on over-the-counter cold medicine.


But nothing — nothing — will prepare you for Biden’s own excuse of his performance.

Excuse us, what?

He’s fine.

But time zones! 

World travel!

The spin is incredible — ‘I was working so hard I ignored my staff and that’s why I didn’t do well in the debate.’

Run with that.

It’s the easiest job ever.

More than pathetic.

Twelve days, by our math.



It might be.

We can.

But we’ve set the bar very, very low.

An excellent point. We told you about Johnson’s comments earlier today.

So if Biden didn’t listen to his staff about debate prep, what guarantee do we have he’ll listen to staff about anything else?

No, it’s not.

We plan to.

It’s what we do best.

Perhaps he is.


Maybe if there are so many conflicting narratives, people will give up and stop paying attention.

In fairness, he probably did forget.

But jet lag!

This makes it so much worse.

It’s a bold strategy.