NukuDo opens in San Antonio, offers paid cybersecurity training program


SAN ANTONIO – There is a new paid training program in San Antonio for people interested in entering the field of cybersecurity.

The NukuDo program aims to produce the highest quality cybersecurity experts to fill the workforce needs of companies in San Antonio and beyond.

NukuDo offers candidates a six-month paid training program focused on cybersecurity.


“While they are in the program and while they are just here learning, they are making $4,000 a month plus full benefits,” said NukuDo Managing Director Michael Blair.

Blair said NukuDo will pay for certifications and connect them with its business partners.

“Once we get them placed with one of our business partners, now they are making $66,000 for essentially three years of commitment,” Blair said.

NukuDo, a sister company of Singapore-based Red Alph,a opened its headquarters in downtown San Antonio. The courses they offer will take place at the Rand Building.

“Not only are we helping the cybersecurity industry find the talent that is so difficult for them to find, hire, keep and retain, but we are changing peoples lives in the process,” Blair said.

Currently in the private sector, there are about 100 operational cybersecurity companies in the San Antonio and New Braunfels area, according to Greater: SATX.

Nukudo student Jaclyn Birkenstock is excited to be part of this program.

“I am incredibly grateful for the chance that Nukudo is sharing and giving me, and I am looking forward to the future that NukuDo has for me,” Birkenstock said.