OPINION: Why Donald Trump Should Choose Ron DeSantis As His Running Mate


As the 2024 presidential election looms, former President Donald Trump must make a strategic decision about his vice-presidential running mate. One name that stands out is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Pairing Trump with DeSantis would create a powerful ticket that balances experience with youthful vigor, appeals to a broad base of conservative voters, and addresses key electoral challenges. Here’s why this dynamic duo would be a winning combination and how to navigate the constitutional hurdles of electors from the same state.


Despite his failure to win the nomination against Trump, Ron DeSantis has become a rising star within the Republican Party. His leadership in Florida, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been both bold and controversial, capturing the attention and support of many conservative voters. DeSantis’ policies on economic growth, education reform, disaster response, and state governance have resonated widely, making him a formidable figure in GOP politics.

Moreover, DeSantis’ youth and vigor provide a stark contrast to Trump’s advanced age. At 45, DeSantis brings a generational shift that could invigorate the campaign and appeal to younger voters. This contrast is particularly important in an election cycle where the age and health of presidential candidates are under intense scrutiny. DeSantis’ energy, work ethic, and relative youth can reassure voters about the vitality and continuity of America First leadership.

Polling data supports the argument for a Trump-DeSantis ticket. According to recent surveys, DeSantis enjoys high favorability ratings among Republican voters. According to a recent USA Today/Ipsos poll, Governor DeSantis enjoys greater favorability among Florida Republicans than former President Trump. Specifically, 90 percent of Florida Republicans hold a favorable view of DeSantis, while Trump is viewed favorably by 80 percent. When considering all Florida residents aged 18 and older, DeSantis has a 47 percent favorability rating, compared to Trump’s 42 percent.


Frankly, no other choice for Trump’s vice president would generate any excitement within the party. The regular cast of characters being mentioned day in and day out will result in a collective yawn. And that is looking on the bright side.

The post reads in full:

Only two scenarios surrounding Trump’s VEEP pick will energize the GOP. The first and obvious scenario is Florida Governor Ron Desantis. The second is somebody that nobody’s even considered, and their name would have been considered completely beyond the realm of possibility had it been mentioned before.

The U.S. Constitution presents a challenge to having both presidential and vice-presidential candidates from the same state. Specifically, the Twelfth Amendment stipulates that electors cannot vote for both candidates if they reside in the same state as the electors. This obstacle, however, is not insurmountable.

One practical solution is for Trump to change his official residence. Trump, a long-time New Yorker who shifted his residence to Florida, could revert to his New York address or establish residency in another state where he has business interests. This maneuver, while unconventional, is legally feasible and has precedent in American politics. By doing so, the ticket would circumvent the constitutional restriction, allowing electors to vote without conflict.


Another compelling reason for a Trump-DeSantis ticket is the way DeSantis can address specific conservative concerns about Trump’s previous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many conservatives, including this writer, were highly critical of Trump’s decision to lock down the economy at the recommendation of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx.

In contrast, DeSantis, after initially going along with the Trump Administration lockdowns, quickly re-opened the Florida economy, and became determined in the face of overwhelming pressure to keep Florida free from COVID hysteria and keep the state’s economy open. His leadership during the pandemic has been praised by those who value individual liberty and economic freedom. DeSantis’ presence on the ticket can reassure voters that a future Trump administration would handle the inevitability of crises differently.

Moreover, a Trump-DeSantis ticket offers more than just a strategic electoral advantage; it symbolizes generational continuity within the GOP. DeSantis represents the next generation of conservative leadership, capable of carrying forward Trump’s policies with renewed vigor. This partnership would reassure conservative voters that the America First movement Trump started will continue to thrive under the governor’s capable hands.


DeSantis’ policy positions align closely with Trump’s, ensuring coherence and continuity in their campaign platform. From stringent immigration policies to strong economic stances and a robust America First foreign policy, DeSantis echoes many of Trump’s key principles. This alignment minimizes the risk of ideological clashes and presents a united front to the electorate.

The political landscape in 2024 will be intensely competitive, and the GOP needs a ticket that can galvanize the base while attracting undecided voters. Trump’s enduring popularity among populists and his ability to command media attention, combined with DeSantis’ dynamic governance and appeal to conservatives and a broader demographic, creates a ticket with unparalleled momentum.

A Trump-DeSantis ticket also sends a clear message of unity and strength. It combines Trump’s experience and proven track record with DeSantis’ fresh and bold perspective, and energetic executive approach. This blend of the old guard and the new generation is precisely what the GOP needs to inspire confidence and drive voter turnout in November when this race is certain to be close.


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