Palestine Will Be Free…but Not From Hamas Spying


While deranged protestors attempt to “free Palestine” by ruining family vacations in Florida, more information comes out about the real-life experience of an everyday Gazan citizen living under Hamas rule. 


Reports have surfaced that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has been secretly surveilling Gazan civilians and keeping tabs on anyone who might pose a threat to the terrorist organization. A secretive unit called the General Security Service served as surveillance police before the war using a network of Gazan informants. It is said to have files on at least 10,000 Palestinian civilians. 

The documents show that Hamas leaders, despite claiming to represent the people of Gaza, would not tolerate even a whiff of dissent. Security officials trailed journalists and people they suspected of immoral behavior. Agents got criticism removed from social media and discussed ways to defame political adversaries. Political protests were viewed as threats to be undermined.

This brings up the logical question of how the passionate Pro-Hamas crowd would fare in a place where freedom of speech and expression is not as welcome as they’d believe. 

It also causes us to question what their definition of “free” is. Israel having a functional security border across their three sides of the country is considered a “blockade,” yet Gazans were metaphorically held hostage in their own homes by a terrorizing security force that sought to find any hint of dissonance and punish it with blackmail and fear tactics. 


The irony is nothing new in this ongoing, twisted saga of the deranged Pro-Palestine “freedom fighters.”

Mahmoud Ishtiwi was a prominent Hamas commander who was executed in 2016 under charges of homosexuality. He was detained for over a year and claimed to have been tortured before his death. There were not then, and are not now, any protests about his death, even as files were recently discovered in Gaza that detailed more of his ordeal.

If actual queer rights are not the focus of the Queers for Palestine movement, what is? The answer can only be blatant anti-semitism, poorly disguised as heroism. Of course, it is hard to even draw a sarcastic comparison between real heroism and the obnoxious, illogical, misguided antics of these vigilantes. 

Even before the war, Israel proved to care more about Gazans than the terrorist government controlling the strip. While Hamas stole money and aid from its people, Israel created fair-paying jobs for Gazan citizens crossing the border each day. While Hamas hijacked Gazan hospitals and turned them into military bases, Israel allowed many civilians to cross over for medical care into their country. And lastly, while Hamas purposely uses its people as a human shield and even detains them from leaving war zones, Israel warns them of attacks, buys 40,000 tents to house them, and protects their safe passageways to evacuate. 


It’s true that Gaza must be free, but free from whom or what? Israel may be the only hope for Palestinians to ever experience true freedom, and that is why they must achieve their goal of total defeat of Hamas. 


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