Poll: Half of Americans Think Climate Change Will Kill Them Within Their Lifetime


I hope you are sitting down. You’re doomed. I know it’s a blow, but you are going to die. That is one prediction that is going to come true. Climate cultists have developed a pattern of telling everyone that the entire planet is doomed and the entire planet will turn into a hellscape or Venus within our lifetimes. 

Remember when climate high priest Al Gore told us that within 10 years, we would see an ice-free North Pole and polar bears would be but a memory? Yeah, that never happened. Gen (whatever the last three letters are) have been raised on apocalyptic climate predictions and movies that depict the end of the world, in two hours or less. Doom-sayers and disaffected teens like Greta Thunberg predict the end of the world almost every day. And that end is just around the corner. We just never seem to get to that corner. 

A recent poll reports that almost half of the country thinks that, not only is their end near, the entire planet will turn into Death Valley within a few decades. A company called “Avocado Mattress” commissioned a survey asking 100 people in every state what they thought about the future. Almost half were convinced that a dystopian nightmare was but a few years away. The New York Post reveals

The survey of 5,000 Americans, split evenly by state, revealed that 48% of all respondents believe they’ll live to see climate change destroy the planet.

Respondents in Hawaii were the most likely to agree (66%), with Vermont (59%) and New Mexico (56%) rounding out the top three states most concerned about the effect of climate change in their lifetime.

Washington (55%) and Minnesota (54%) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

And, 32 percent of respondents said that using organic [fill in the blank] wasn’t done to save the planet, they did it to make themselves feel good about themselves.

Oh, I get it – over a third of the respondents were professional virtue-signalers. One can guess that 37 percent used gas stoves, threw their plastic in the trash, and owned an SUV, but at least their SUV had a “Save the Planet” sticker on the bumper. 

There are, no doubt, plenty of angsty youths who truly believe Geta Thunberg’s nonsense and accept that their doom is just around the next .02 rise in sea level. They think their end will come while they roast on a desert hellscape eating bugs and drinking salt water. 

It isn’t just the teen cultists that are feeding the nonsense; it is legacy media and their hired talking heads

Another guy with a degree in journalism is Bill Weir. Weir is CNN’s climate guy. Actually, he’s a weatherman on CNN. But, rest assured, he knows “stuff.” His environmental/climate street cred is extensive. He went to journalism school, damnit! That, and he hosted a show called “The Wonder List with Bill Weir,” Yeah, Bill is a glorified travel host…

But CNN needs a climate cultist to scare people, so CNN made him a climate high priest. Weir said the entire planet is about to collapse. Forget that silly, giant meteor that wiped out all the dinosaurs, this time, “The fate of life on earth is at stake.” That’s right, all life on Earth is in peril because the planet’s temperature might increase 1.5 degrees by 2100. 

So back to the poll. What is “Avocado Mattress”? You might be shocked to learn that Avocado Mattress sells mattresses — but they sell “organic” mattresses. Sure, the planet is ending but, hey kids, buy our mattresses, at least you can sleep knowing that the world is ending soon, but you’ll die sleeping on a mattress made of sustainable avocados.

Avacado Mattresses’ “Community + Social Impact” manager said:

“Choosing eco-friendly products that nurture your well-being ensures your relaxation doesn’t come at the expense of the environment. The key is making choices that make you feel fulfilled.”

Oh, I get it. Sure, the planet is about to end. In a generation, Mother Earth will be a giant ball of molten lava because Bob drove a truck, but buy our mattresses for your sustainable end. When you burn up, you can “feel fulfilled” while you relax and eat bugs on our organic mattress. 

It was a sales pitch. I can respect that.