Pride Woes: BMW Finds Out the Hard Way That Virtue Signaling for Virtue Signaling’s Sake Is Rather Stupid


As I’ve noted before, from a rhetorical perspective, probably the only thing the woke left/media loves doing more than trotting out the racism/sexism cards when they have no other defense is to virtue signal about what loving and tolerant and accepting people they supposedly are.


While their claims might sound good on paper and social media platforms to the audiences they’re trying to attract, the reality of the matter is that in most instances it’s all for show and not much more than that.

Case in point, BMW, which landed itself in hot water on the Twitter machine after its response to a Twitter user who wondered why they had changed their logos on all their other accounts to denote support for “Pride Month” but not the one for BMW Middle East.

It all seemed to start after the Libs of TikTok account posted a screengrab of company accounts that had Pride-themed logos, but… not for the Middle Eastern ones:

In response to a random tweet BMW posted at the beginning of Pride Month, someone going by the user name “deziner” decided to ask them what the deal was with their inconsistent marketing.

“How come you don’t proudly display your logos pride colors on your middle east posts ???” they inquired

Here’s how BMW responded (in scattered tweets below the question):

In recognition of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we have decided to take a clear stance and change the logo of our international communication and marketing channels (on behalf of all BMW Group markets and brands) until the end of June.

The international channels can be accessed worldwide and thus show the logo change in all markets worldwide.  

However, as is customary with such communication and marketing activities, it is at the discretion of our sales companies and independent distributors to decide if they wish to join centrally initiated communication and marketing campaigns or not. 

This is an established practice at the BMW Group, which also takes into consideration market-specific legal regulations and country-specific cultural aspects.


In other words, to keep the cash cow churning they only opt to use the logo in places where there are already some forms of LGBTQ-specific rights in place.

It’s so stunningly brave it makes your head spin, right? Gotta love it when these companies “out” themselves (no pun intended).

Back in 2021 when BMW and other companies faced this same complaint, my RedState colleague Brandon Morse made the following spot-on observation:

A major corporation’s number one concern is making money, and if it thinks that slapping a rainbow avatar on its account and tweeting out something about showing “pride” is going to make you buy more stuff, then that’s what they’ll do. It’s not really a principle they have. They aren’t actually concerned or supportive of LGBT rights, or any social movement for that matter. They’re only doing it because they think they’ll get a monetary boost by doing so.

And why not? It’s a cheap, quick, and easy advertisement. They signal their “virtue,” you buy things thinking that the company sees you and cares about you.

They don’t.

Nope, they sure don’t.

Kinda reminds me of entities like Apple and the NBA, which love to lecture – and even threaten – red states over sensible policies that are put in place to protect women’s sports and safe spaces, but yet have gigantic operations in actually oppressive parts of the world like China and Saudi Arabia.


At the end of the day, it’s all sound and fury, signifying nothing. One should always keep that in mind when the virtue signaling starts.

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