Princeton Faculty Mocked After Stopping Their Solidarity Fast With Protesting Hunger Strikers


We’ve brought you some of the hilarious whining of the Princeton hunger strikers. 

I wrote about what they said on their alleged fifth day without food, where one of their number just threw a tantrum, blaming the university for being hungry. This was something else. 


That video went viral because people couldn’t believe how much she as whining. 

Then they were still unhappy, when they announced on Friday that they were in their eighth day. 

Some of the faculty announced that they would be joining them, for 24 hours, in a solidarity fast. 

The faculty had interesting phrasing (you can watch clips of their announcements here). 

“Students are doing what they were told to do,” one said. “Teaching them how to effect change is what we do as educators.” 

So, they’re being told what to do by their professors? Talk about indoctrination. What happened to teaching what they’re supposed to be teaching, the academic subjects, rather than the political agenda? 

Then on Saturday, the faculty was done. Gee, what an example! Telling the kids what to do but not lasting more than 24 hours themselves? Where’s their commitment to the struggle? Or is that just for the cannon fodder, useful idiot students? They had only committed to the 24-hour fast, but that’s pretty lame. 

The 24-hour hunger strike was mocked across social media for its short duration, prompting users to compare it to intermittent fasting:

“24 hours?! I do this once a week for f—ing fun. This is embarrassing,” one person said on X.

“I do 3/4 of a Princeton faculty hunger strike EVERY DAY!” another X user wrote.

“I am commencing a hunger strike between now and breakfast. Estimated duration of hunger strike: 10 hours. Join me. Be strong,” a third commentator joked.


If they really want to force the University, these ridiculous faculty members should refuse their salary — since the money is tainted if it might have any association at all with Israel, if the University had any congress with them. But the faculty members will not do anything like that–that would be taking a real stand. 

I don’t know who they thought they could influence with this; it’s not moving the university. Their actions and their whining don’t have any effect on Israel or their resolve to take out Hamas. Maybe the only person who they affect is the very weak Joe Biden, who seems to be caving to the left in order to get their votes. 


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