Raging Bull Attacks Woman on Mexican Beach


This just in: Bulls are dangerous.

I grew up around cattle. My Dad raised Black Angus cattle for many years, and that breed is fairly compact and even the bulls (Dad had two) are pretty even-tempered. But a few years later we had a neighbor who had a herd of dairy Holsteins, and his bull was so mean that his owner called him the Antichrist. His owner also didn’t trust the Antichrist any further than he could throw him. “He’s a killer,” he used to caution us.


On Saturday, an unidentified woman on the beach at Cabo San Lucas learned this the hard way. She had been feeding – yes, really – what appeared to be a Spanish fighting bull when the bull suddenly became aggressive.

A wild and violent bull that was loose on a popular Mexican beach attacked a woman several times as panicked onlookers screamed in horror, a terrifying new video shows.

The heart-stopping video, which was shot Saturday at Cabo San Lucas, shows the black beast charging and ramming the woman more than six times after she tries to snatch her bags away from the animal. Cabo San Lucas is a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula and is popular among tourists.

The video first shows the black beast under a canopy with the woman who appears to be feeding the horned animal food from a bag and then from a silver bowl. 

Here’s a hint on preventing these kinds of incidents: Stay away from big, powerful animals, or you’ll get bull-ied.

It’s easy to spot precisely where things went wrong:

Dressed in a loose dress and beach hat, the woman appears unperturbed by the dangers the incredibly strong bovine possesses. Bulls can weigh well over 2,000 pounds depending on the breed and are well known to be aggressive.

In the next clip, the bull can be seen trotting away from the canopy after spotting several bags belonging to the woman.

She then goes face to face with the beast in an attempt to retrieve the bags as one man shouts, “You are really playing with it right now.”

“Please don’t do that, please,” the onlooker screams.

“Please get away,” he yells as the bull devours the contents of the bags. Another beachgoer can be heard calling the woman a “moron” as she refuses to get to safety.


The unidentified woman should have listened to the people who were trying to horn in on her feeding the animal, especially as the bull appeared to be a real beefcake.

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Fortunately, it looks like the woman was unharmed, and in the end, she was able to hoof it away from the beast. Feeding the bull in the first place was of course udderly foolish; someone, perhaps, gave her a mis-steer in leading her to believe that this could anyway but how it did. If this is the case, we can hope she had a beef with whoever gave her that impression.

Seriously, though: I’ve long held the impression that things like this are a consequence of the increasing urbanization of the population. It’s understandable to a degree, but only to a degree; while most people no longer grow up around livestock and large animals in general, it doesn’t seem like it would take a great deal of gray matter between one’s ears to suss out that big animals might be dangerous. 

This unidentified tourist appears, from the video, to have escaped any serious injury. She was far luckier than she probably realized.