Raskin Finally Forced to Admit a Little Reality About the Biden Scandal

You know things are beginning to heat up for Joe Biden in the Biden family scandal when even Democrats and the media are starting to throw Hunter Biden under the bus and admit there’s a problem.

As I wrote three days ago, even CNN’s Jake Tapper was being forced to acknowledge the scandal, although he seemed to be parroting the Democratic talking points about no “direct evidence” that Joe Biden did anything illegal.

On Sunday, ABC’s Jonathan Karl was putting questions to House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD). Karl acknowledged that what Joe Biden had said about Hunter not making any money from China was untrue, according to Hunter’s own words. That’s a big thing because Karl is admitting that what Biden said was untrue. Karl asked if Raskin had any concerns about all this, “The money from China, the money from Ukraine, the money from Russia?”

Raskin tried to deflect to former President Donald Trump, claiming that Trump had made the office about personal enrichment. Now that was a pretty funny deflection given everything the Bidens have done, including the new bank records that came in this past week that showed they got more than $20 million from foreign nationals for what the House Oversight Committee Chair termed no real businesses. Unlike Trump. People staying at a Trump hotel aren’t the same as getting millions from a Russian oligarch who then goes sanction free from Joe Biden. You can’t compare legitimate businesses to alleged influence peddling. But that’s what Democrats are going to try, to get around the accumulating evidence against the Bidens, with Raskin promising to produce a “report” on Trump.

Even if Trump had done something wrong (which he didn’t), how would that excuse Biden? It’s a ridiculous answer.

But ultimately, Raskin was forced to admit there was a problem, even though he downplayed it as much as he could.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), ranking member on the Oversight panel, argued politicians should let the “justice system run its course” — conceding Hunter Biden did “wrong things.”

“It does seem clear that this guy was addicted to drugs and did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things,” Raskin told ABC’s “This Week.”

It’s funny they use “addicted to drugs” like that’s an excuse, not more potentially illegal action splayed out all over the laptop. But it’s a big thing to get Raskin to acknowledge that — and contradict Joe Biden, who repeatedly said his son did nothing wrong.

Can you expand a little more on those “wrong things,” Rep. Raskin? There are so many things; please make us a list, starting with all the alleged influence peddling and everything that was done in exchange for the millions of dollars.

Even though Raskin is being dragged — kicking and screaming — to this admission, he can’t avoid some of the realities of the Biden scandal. He can try and downplay it, but the walls are closing in, and even though people have concerns about why David Weiss was finally made Special Counsel, the fact that he was acknowledges the reality that the scandal has touched the White House.