Refrigerator-Sized Data Center Transfers Its Heat to English Swimming Pool, Saving Thousands in Energy Costs

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A refrigerator-sized data center is being used as an innovative solution to pool heating, saving thousands in fuel costs in England.

The “digital boiler” was designed and implemented by Mark Bjornsgaard, founder of the start-up Deep Green, which charges clients to use its computing power for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It also charges a smaller fee to the Exmouth Leisure Center in Devon to transfer the significant amount of heat generated through the data banks into a mineral oil which can be used to keep the swimming pool to 88°F (30°C) for about 60% of the day like regular heating oil.

“The partnership has really helped us reduce the costs of what has been astronomical over the last 12 months – our energy prices and gas prices have gone through the roof,” said Sean Day, owner of the leisure center. “Looking at different ways of how we can save money as an organization has been awesome.”

In total, 7 English swimming pools have signed up for the service, which uses a simple heat exchanger to help cool down the computers as well as heat the pools.

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Data centers have a massive overhead cost for keeping the technology cool. They’ve been built underwater, and even in caves—wherever the natural environment offers some assistance in cooling them down.

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The BBC, reporting on the innovation in Devon, says that in Sweden and Denmark, the biggest data centers have even become purveyors of electricity for homes due to the massive concentration of heat that keeps the internet’s archives running.

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