Residents demand action over sewage leak at San Antonio apartment complex


SAN ANTONIO – It’s a stinky situation: raw sewage is leaking at a Northwest Side apartment complex off of Bowens Crossing and Loop 1604.

“That’s s*** and piss and toilet paper coming up through the streets, messing with the water. The dogs are walking in it, the cats are walking in it,” said Julian Green, a tenant at the Brynwood Apartments.

For those living at the Brynwood Apartments, the situation is frustrating and disgusting. They say a sewage leak overflowing in their parking lot is not being fixed.

“It pisses me off, I’m moving from here I’m not going to live here because it’s disgusting,” said Mason Hardman, a tenant at the Brynwood Apartments.

KSAT spoke to several renters on and off camera; some tell us the leak has been a problem for two to three months. While others call it an ongoing issue.

“Very upset, because we pay to live here, and if we can’t get things fixed, what’s the point of living here and paying the rent,” said Green; Hardman added, “There’s always toilet paper, and it reeks, it stinks, you smell it up in the apartment sometimes when it’s really hot, and they fix it for like a week, and then it immediately starts again.”

We took tenants’ concerns to apartment management, where we were able to speak to a manager briefly before being asked to leave the property.

“So there is no timetable on when that’ll get fixed?” asked KSAT’s John Paul Barajas.

“Hopefully by tomorrow, I just got off the phone with the supervisor from this company, and we’ve been waiting for this part, so I’m waiting for the owner to give me a callback,” said the apartment’s manager.

“Because it smells horrible out here,” said Barajas.

“I mean I’m trying, I really am,” responded the apartment’s manager.

“I live here, and this is ridiculous,” said an anonymous tenant.

The complex manager told KSAT to call upper management for additional questions. We have not heard back yet.

A San Antonio Development Services Department spokeswoman explained that any sewage leak is immediately deemed a health code violation. She was also able to confirm that a city crew visited the Brynwood Apartments on Monday, but as of 4 p.m. Monday, she did not have information on what steps were being taken.