Slick Gavin Newsom Shows That He’s Biden With a Brain in Hannity Interview–and a Huge Threat to America

If you’re a sports fan, you know that sometimes it’s painful to have to admit that the team who defeated your favorite squad is simply better, but sometimes you’re forced to. Even the most die-hard Miami Heat fan has to concede today that the championship-winning Denver Nuggets were superior to the never-give-up Florida squad.

But the Nuggets were undeniably more skilled–powered by their generational talent Nikola Joki?–and it’s futile to refute that.

Which is why the Sean Hannity-Gavin Newsom interview absolutely terrified me. Part one aired Monday night, and I’m willing to admit when the opposition is formidable, and I’m also unfortunately willing to concede that the Golden State governor has all the skills, all the “intangibles,” all the star power to propel him into future positions of power–even the presidency of the United States. He’s seemingly friendly, he projects warmth, and for a minute I almost liked him, because he hides his extreme views under a veil of, “I’m just such a nice, normal, wonderful guy.”

And despite his protestations that he’s not seeking the presidential mantle, why else on earth would he appear on Fox News with conservative firebrand Sean Hannity?

The lovefest between the two was frankly creepy; we all know that they despise each other’s positions, yet here they were, chatting it up like two old beer buddies at a sports bar.

They clearly both wanted something out of this: Gavin, to appear reasonable and electable to the nation despite his horrid record of failure, Hannity seemingly to brush up his credentials as a serious journalist.

To me, however, the whole episode came across like one long cringe-fest, with each trying to prove how reasonable they were despite their vehement differences about the direction of this country.

I have been a vocal critic of Newsom as I’ve watched him turn first S an Franciso and then the entire state into a cesspool of homelessness and crime and spur an exodus of residents and corporations. Yet, he is masterful in blaming past Republican presidential administrations and Congress for not passing “comprehensive immigration reform,” the buzzphrase for all those who don’t want to take accountability for their own state’s response. It’s not the fault of their own policies, which lay out the red carpet for illegals, you see–it’s all because of federal laws.

While there’s some truth to the argument–Congress has failed miserably in this regard–it ignores so much, like the simple fact that they’ve made the state of California into a haven for the homeless with their unending tolerance for vast tent cities and for illegal immigrants with their endless benefits and sanctuary state approach.

There is so much to digest in this weird interview between these two ostensible foes; this is just an overview, not a point-by-point analysis. My main takeaway is that it was bizarre to see such ideologically opposed opponents fawn over each other to such a degree; they both seemed to be trying to prove something to some unnamed audience–Independents, perhaps.

My other takeaway–discount Gavin Newsom at your own peril. Although he has driven this state in many areas to the edge of ruin, he is able to point to some areas of success, particularly in the arena of Big Tech, which continues to bring billions to the state economy. He is glib, slick, and willing to take on every challenge that Hannity thew at him. He seemed to think that his continued use of the catchphrase, “I own that,” would make him seem more relatable and absolve him of his (many) sins.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s wrong in that assessment. He proved that he’s smart as a whip and is able to pull out statistic after statistic and percentage after percentage at the drop of a hat. And although his eyes looked red and glassy in this interview, he’s got the perfect Hollywood veneers and an easy, confident manner that is sure to wow suburban women Chardonnay voters (even though his policies have zero to do with their actual interests).

He’s everything that the compromised Joe is not–he’s Biden 3.0, far more intelligible and verbally agile, yet just as radical. In other words, he is much more dangerous than the president because his gaslighting abilities are off the charts.

The interview was a strange thing to watch, but I came away with one takeaway: do not underestimate this man. He’s helped destroy California while flashing his reassuring grin and seeming willingness to talk to both sides, but in reality, he’s an extreme partisan who wants to take his dystopian view of our future to the entire country. He has wrecked the Golden State–and now he has his sites set on the other 49.

Part one of the interview aired Monday evening, and part two will air later this week. Watch the entire first segment here:

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