Smart Money Says Kamala Harris Is Already Thinking About Her VP Picks


Even the most committed Biden partisans are beginning to come to the inevitable conclusion: It’s only a matter of time before Joe Biden folds up like laundry and admits he doesn’t have what it takes to run for president again. Honestly he never really had it in the first place, but we’ve already covered that ground many times. As for old Joe’s understudy, she is publicly supporting the president but we can guess that she is not only planning her remodel of the Oval Office–which is sure to be embarrassing–but also looking at her own VP picks.


A more open race, these top Democrats hope, would be for Harris’ running mate, with a focus on leading Democratic governors. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear are the most discussed; the list also includes Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, J.B. Pritzker of Illinois and Tim Walz of Minnesota. But even that is fraught, as it would deny Harris the deference given to every other modern presidential nominee to pick their own running mate. 

OK, let’s be real for a moment here. It’s unlikely that Kamala Harris, with her eye always on the plumbing/melanin content issue and appeasing the far left, is going to pick some dude to be her running mate. It’s been difficult to underestimate Kamala Harris throughout her career; her elevator may not go all the way to the top but it sure does go to the third sub-basement.

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But here’s the interesting comparison from CNN’s piece:

A Democratic senator offered an extended and very colorful metaphor for describing the movement to Harris, likening Biden and his vice president to a star quarterback who needs to be taken off the field and their backup.

“We start talking in the huddle: ‘Do we put in the backup QB?’ The backup knows our team, the backup knows the plays, the backup has played in the NFL,” the senator said. “The crowd in the stands full of passionate fans starts chanting: ‘Put in the kid from Alabama!’ ‘Put in the QB from Wisconsin!’ All just because the backup threw an interception earlier. But we know the backup and have confidence in them.”


Star quarterback? I’m not conversant with sportsball terms but I do know what this one refers to, and Joe Biden was never a star quarterback. He is, though, still at the top of the ticket, at least for now. But the second part of the statement? Putting Kamala Harris in would be more like sending PeeWee Herman in to run the game for a professional football team. In this case, though, we have an intellectual PeeWee who’s just itching to grab the ball and run with it.

And Harris’ VP pick is likely to be a laugh.  If I had to guess, she’s going to pick a “woman of color”–perhaps a “person with a uterus”–from the far left, and that’s if she doesn’t go completely wackadoodle and dredge up some pink-haired, five-spirit, animalkin soulmate to be her Veep. Although there’s no guessing how far Kamala may dive into the abyss of dumb in making her pick. That’s more likely than not, because – and bear in mind that I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV, but I’m pretty sure Kamala Harris suffers from Pronoia. That’s the opposite of paranoia; it means that Kamala Harris, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, still, mysteriously, thinks people like her.

Smart money says she’s looking enviously at the Oval Office right now. Were I Joe Biden, I’d be very cautious; that hand Kamala is reaching out to slap you on the back with might have a (metaphorical) knife in it.