Tafolla Middle School students, staff to return to newly renovated campus

When Tafolla Middle School students return to school Tuesday, they will see a newly refurbished campus.

Improvements have been made all over the place. There are renovated classrooms, interactive learning boards and a new cafeteria.

The renovations were part of the 2016 bond and have been completed.

The construction started in 2019 and the total cost was over $25 million.

“They have a good concrete structure, but everything from the interior, from the mechanical, the plumbing, the finishes, all the interior walls had to go. (They) had to be upgraded,” Kedrick Wright, deputy chief operations officer at SAISD said.

Wright said making classrooms bigger was also a main priority.

The campus will continue making improvements.

“The bond 2020 is Phase Two for Tafolla, which is an effort to complete the campus. We are including two new gymnasiums, renovations to the auditorium, as well as two fine art spaces in the annex,” Wright said.

Construction for Phase Two begins in December.