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The free speech battle is raging on, and Attorney General Ken Paxton has scored a major victory for the state of Texas. District Court Judge Jeremy D. Kernodle has allowed a Texas lawsuit against the Biden administration for suppress ing the free speech of conservative media outlets to proceed.

The case was filed in December by AG Paxton, along with The Daily Wire, The Federalist, and the New Civil Liberties Alliance.

The lawsuit alleges that the Global Engagement Center, which was created to combat foreign misinformation, actively worked to censor conservative news outlets. Dan Schneider with the Media Research Center told KTRH, “This lawsuit is about the Biden Administration trying to kill those political opponents he disagrees with.”

He also called the Biden administration’s use of taxpayer dollars to silence right-wing media “shocking.” Schneider says this lawsuit will be a critical case and could very well decide the fate of free speech in America.