The Comeback Begins As a Confused, Rambling Joe Biden Wanders Around Pennsylvania


If Joe Biden and his handlers are to be believed, he’s in it to win it. Despite one of the roughest stretches for any presidential campaign in history, the president is taking his senility on the road in an attempt to manufacture a comeback. 


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On Sunday, Biden traveled to Pennsylvania and started his day by appearing at a black church. Needless to say, that was an extremely uncomfortable and blasphemous event. Regardless, he followed it up with several more stops, and it wasn’t long before “bad” Biden showed up. 

I try not to overstep my bounds as far as expertise goes, but having commented on politics for a good piece now, I’m fairly certain that Joe Biden was a senator from Delaware. Likewise, I’m confident that Philadelphia is not in Delaware. Thus, I’m thoroughly confused as to how the city could get Biden “across the line.”  

How does one make that mistake? One makes that mistake when they are just short of being mentally incapacitated, as Biden is. He doesn’t know what state he represented, and according to his handlers, that’s just fine. There’s nothing to worry about. 


I can only assume Biden went off script there because the administration’s official line has long been that crime is decreasing. The president just blurting out that it’s “too dangerous, what’s going on out there” would seem to counter that assertion. But again, when you are dealing with someone in cognitive decline, you can’t expect them to stick to their talking point. That’s the conundrum Biden has left his handlers in. If he doesn’t go out and make appearances, people will assume he’s senile. If he does make appearances, people will see he’s senile. Good luck solving that puzzle. 

In short, the show must go on, for better or worse, and by the time he made his second campaign stop in Harrisburg, things were firmly trending toward worse.

I value my sanity too much to try to transcribe all those clips, but here’s that last one just in case someone can’t watch.

BIDEN: With your help, I know we have your help, with my help, well, us working together, we’re going to get a hell of a lot done for the American people, and we’re going to make sure these things are…so anyway, I guess, if I stand here long enough, all those folks in the back are going to die of sunstroke.


So yeah, things are going gangbusters on this comeback tour. Biden is spray-tanned, rested, and ready to show the American people that he’s not cognitively impaired. Can you feel the energy?

Narrator: Biden is citing an event in a small gym that attracted only a few hundred people, many press.

I can only imagine Democrats chain-smoking during each of these appearances, desperately trying to make the math work on replacing him. It simply doesn’t, though. Biden isn’t stepping aside, and even if he did, Kamala Harris would likely lose anyway. They’ve got to ride the horse they came with, and it’s not going to be pretty. Buckle up because it’s all downhill from here.