The Left Saw the Power of AI and Its Primary Thought Is to Wield It Against You, America


While the idea of artificial intelligence sounds horrible to many, I am incredibly fascinated by it and excited for what it can do for the human race. AI is inevitable. Companies are investing ungodly amounts of money in developing their own versions. The market recognizes the importance of AI, and companies can lose billions and billions of dollars for creating an AI that isn’t worth a damn. 


Case in point, Google lost $90 billion in market value after its disastrous release of Google Gemini, an AI that was so woke that it rambled leftist drivel in response to queries and refused to create accurate pictures of historical people due to its directive of being inclusive and racially sensitive toward minorities. Once the AI created a picture of a black Nazi, the company ceased various aspects of the AI and the market responded appropriately. 

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AI is going to alter the way humanity exists in its daily life. There’s no way around that. How it alters it is up to us, and this is why I encourage everyone I talk to not fear AI and try to resist its appearance in the story of humanity, but instead to become vocal about how AI is utilized and implemented in society. 

I can tell you now that the left already is. 

Google Gemini is a very good example of this. As AI will become an information gateway, the confirmed radical leftists in charge of developing Gemini saw it as a tool with which to rewrite history and push leftist ideals. As Mike Miller wrote on Thursday, when asked if people should celebrate July 4, Gemini began spouting out anti-American nonsense, including comparing the Declaration of Independence to the Communist Manifesto and accusing the National Anthem of being offensive. 

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Again, this is after Google had to offline some of Gemini’s features because they exhibited too much leftist bias and began working to fix it. It appears that the fixes aren’t exactly happening, but that’s not surprising considering Google has proven itself to be radically biased to the left for years now. 

The left seems far more interested in utilizing AI to push a political agenda, not benefiting humanity. To further solidify this, let’s go take a look at what the Huffington Post is suggesting AI be used for. 

According to guest writer Kaivan Shroff, Biden’s team needs to start utilizing AI to create deep fakes of Biden looking spry and sounding cogent: 

Joe Biden is old and has had a lifelong stutter. He acknowledged in a fiery rally following his debate performance: “I might not walk as easily or talk as smoothly as I used to.” This has impeded his ability to communicate with mass audiences with consistent success. AI augmentations and video renderings could serve to smooth out these bumps while allowing the Biden campaign to effectively disseminate true information about the state of our democracy and the Biden administration’s accomplishments. The president has limited time to campaign as he also focuses on running the country, and AI would be a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate his message personally and directly to voters.

Shroff justifies this falsification of Biden’s actual condition by stating that the current state of the “information ecosystem” is filled with misinformation anyway: 


Reasonably, some may challenge the use of AI as dishonest and deceptive, but the current information ecosystem is arguably no better. It may even be worse. Media outlets like the New York Post have engaged in sharing deceptively cropped viral clips of the president, dubbed ‘cheapfakes,’ to make him appear confused or weak.

In short, Shroff accuses everyone of lying about how bad off Biden is right now despite the fact that we can see it with our own eyes and hear it with our own ears, and as such, in order to combat what he labels are lies, Democrats should lie even harder using AI as a tool to do so. 

I’ve been covering the good and bad about AI for some time now. I personally utilize AI every day for so many things already, and I can tell you it’s been extremely helpful. However, there are definitely pitfalls that we need to be sure to navigate ourselves around and see to it that AI is used to help humanity, not trip it up. Despite all the opportunities and new horizons AI can help us get to, the left looks at AI and sees a tool to wield against the people. 

All it considers is how it can be utilized to progress the agenda and secure power. 

If there’s one common theme about the left, it’s that it’s more than willing to halt human progress in the name of achieving and maintaining its power. For instance, when billionaires began launching rockets, I saw the gates opening to civilian space flight and humanity becoming an interplanetary species. The left saw billions of dollars that could have gone to causes it cares about, including fighting climate change. 


Technological advancement is a key feature of humanity, but it must have a proper guiding hand to benefit us. This is not what the left is concerned about. It’s not focused on benefiting humanity. It sees these advancements as ways to herd and control humanity for its own purposes. We must begin speaking out. AI will become a massive part of our species, and very soon. We have to jump into the fray and begin asserting ourselves into the argument or the left will continue to utilize AI for to enforce its will, and as we can see, this is never good. 

Consider all it can accomplish with AI. It can fool people into seeing things that never happened, hearing things that were never said. It can falsify reports and make you believe a person is something they aren’t. The ability to lie will be more effective than it’s ever been. It can (and is) utilizing AI to censor its opponents and push falsehoods about them. About you. 

This is why AI will be one of the most important battlefields in the near future. It’s imperative that you stay tuned into it and add your voice as often as possible. 

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