The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Exposing Gaza Misinformation and Biden’s Lawfare Against More Than Trump


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On this show, we will look into a pair of glaring examples of the press committing harsh malpractice on major news items. The first involves the Israeli conflict in Gaza. The journalism from the region has been consistently problematic, with several reports shown to be severely incorrect, since the initial October 7 attack. Now the Associated Press belatedly decided to look into the veracity of the death toll from Palestine, and it finds that after eight months, the press is only now getting around to realizing the Hamas-affiliated Ministry Of Health has been delivering deeply flawed statistics.

Then in a similar vein we analyze how the press is claiming that Donald Trump poses a threat because he has hinted that he will use the courts and other authority to go after his political opponents. This is – of course – a completely desperate deflection away from Joe Biden doing this with his opponent on the presidential ballot. But even beyond leveling numerous lawsuits against Trump, Biden has quite a few examples of targeting civilians who have opposed his policies. 

The press tries to fear-monger us on the idea that Trump might do the exact thing that Joe Biden is doing right now.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media malpractice and misinformation.