This Will Make the Left Lose Their Minds: Megyn Kelly Details ‘Amazing’ Offer to Tucker Carlson

Megyn Kelly has had some good information on the whole Tucker Carlson saga.

As we reported, Kelly explained that her information about his “parting of the ways” with Fox was that he wasn’t officially “fired” — that he was still under contract with Fox. She said the head of the network told him that Monday morning that his show wasn’t going to be aired anymore but they never told him why. They even kicked him out of his company email which was pretty slimy. Kelly said they needed to work out with him getting out of his contract. But that they thought it would be an “amicable parting.”

I think they managed to kill the amicable parting bit with how they’ve treated him. Especially if they were involved in leaking videos to Media Matters that I reported on earlier.

The current problem for Carlson, Kelly explained, is that he’s still technically under contract so he can’t sign any other deals until he gets out of the contract.

Some are concerned that this may be an effort to silence him right before the election and given all that we’ve seen, I wouldn’t put anything past anyone. But Kelly noted Carlson has a great attorney and they’re working out the contract issues now. We’ll likely hear soon, one way or the other.

In the meantime, once Carlson is free, he has a huge offer on the table waiting for him that might be difficult to turn down. Megyn Kelly had entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David on her Sirius-XM show. Bet-David runs Valuetainment and I note the principles on their website below.

Bet-David detailed some of the turmoil that has been going on in the media industry. He acknowledged that Tucker was going to be getting a lot of offers. Then he made Carlson a public offer of $100 million over 5 years, plus an equity stake in the company, a board seat, the position as president of the company, and his own podcast or any other shows he wants. The company would also offer to cover production costs, which is no small expense.

The big thing there isn’t the money per se, it’s the freedom and the ability to do what he wants. And that’s just the starting offer.

Kelly declared, “That’s amazing!” Kelly reacted.

“I truly believe we need a media company to fight the fight that we have today in America and worldwide,” he said, explaining his background “as a guy that’s an immigrant from Iran…and then I lived in Germany in the refugee camp for a couple years, then I came to the states and [joined the U.S. Army], and I’ve been blessed through the system of capitalism to make good money.”

Bet-David was with the 101st Airborne. He said what could make the deal more attractive to Carlson was the company’s values.

“If you want to team up with somebody that’s got the vision in place, the cause in place, and it’s a true believer on how great of a country America is that is worth fight for, and the fight is a real fight because the enemy is real, we feel we’re the right fit to partner with somebody like Tucker Carlson.”

“Tucker! This is a good offer,” Kelly said.

Kelly also referenced the Media Matters effort to do Tucker in. This offer would make them and others on the left lose their minds because they’d never get rid of Tucker Carlson then.

Bet-David’s offer does sound like a terrific deal if it guarantees him such freedom. Plus an equity stake could be big money, potentially, depending on the company. What I like best about what he said is “the fight is a real fight because the enemy is real” and he talks about “true believers.” That indicates to me that he gets it. As we look at the Democrats and legacy media getting crazier and more controlling, we’re all having to find ways to ensure our independence and the ability to get our voices out there. If Bet-David is truly promising this — plus a ton of money — that sounds like a truly golden offer.

Carlson is going to have his pick of offers. Those trying to strike him down have truly only made him more powerful. But he should pick one that guarantees that his voice will not be silenced, that guarantees he will be in the fight, especially as we move forward into the election fight in 2024.