WATCH: Biden’s Interview With George Stephanopoulos Is Really, REALLY Bad (Here’s Just ONE Example)


There will be countless stories out of the George Stephanopoulos interview with President Biden. We’re now in day eight of the post-debate fallout, and if the plan of the Biden campaign was to turn around public perception of his cognitive abilities and his wearwithal to finish this campaign it’s backfiring. BIG TIME.




Just. Yikes.

We saw the crowd in Madison, and it was not that impressive, sir.

Our faces exactly.

The media have no shame.

Our irony meter broke.



He’s only working from 10 am to 4 pm, with naps. So they don’t have to hide much from him.

It’s Madison.

A deep blue city in a deep blue county in a purple swing state.

There were not that many people there.

He’s that far gone.

An edited interview and this is the best they can come up with.

Our brains melted, too.

100 people. In Madison, Wisconsin.

Which reminds us — this writer has been seeing billboards in the Milwaukee area showing that Bidenomics is costing Wisconsin LOTS of money each year.


The bronzer is just weird.

Lying to him and — more maddening — lying to us.

This is a major Painfest.

Absolutely horrifying.

And there are four months until the election and another two until the inauguration.