WATCH: Don’t Call the Police When Your McDonald’s Fries Are Cold, If You’re Wanted for Murder

Gov. Brian Kemp is hitting Stacey Abrams on her past comments about wanting to defund the police in their campaign battle for governor of Georgia. Now she’s trying to run away from those prior comments, even calling for a pay rise for cops.

There’s no doubt that cops including those in Georgia have to deal with a lot of situations and can use all the support they can get. That’s been sorely lacking from the left, particularly over the past couple of years.

But the situation with which they had to deal this week was — in a word — unusual.

It would seem a logical thing that if you’re wanted for murder, you might want to avoid encounters with the police.

Antoine Sims, 24, had a warrant out on him for felony murder in a case where he was accused of setting a car on fire with a woman’s body inside.

But Sims must have wanted some hot McDonald’s fries. Sims, who was on the run from police in Georgia, got upset when he ordered fries at a McDonald’s and they were cold. So he called 911 after he got into a dispute with the McDonald’s employees.

“So now our food is sitting there cold,” he explained to the officer, per the report. “So when I come up, I try the fries. The fries are lukewarm, but they’re not hot.”

Sims then requested a new fries order, rather than a refund, then feuded with management. Management then demanded he leave the restaurant and both parties called the police, FOX 5 reported. The manager later told police Sims cursed them out and threw his order at them.

“I don’t ever want him back here,” the manager told the officer, per the report. “I mean, dude’s obviously on probation (out on bond) — got an ankle bracelet on.”

Officers told Sims he was not allowed to re-enter the restaurant and asked him to sign a criminal trespass notice. They also requested dispatch run Sims’ information through crime databases which made him visibly “agitated,” a police report said.

When they called him over to sign the trespass notice, that’s when he finally realize that calling the police wasn’t going to turn out well for him. He suddenly got leery and then he took off, with the police right on his heels. But it wasn’t going to end well.

A cop finally caught up to him and tasered him. His high-pitched shrieks were something to hear.

People on social media couldn’t believe he called the police when he was wanted for murder.

Not only was he charged on the outstanding warrant, but he also got an obstruction charge and a possession of marijuana charge when they found pot in his fiancee’s car.

Moral of the story? Don’t call the police when your fries are cold if you’re wanted for murder.