WATCH: Dramatic Video Shows IDF Demolishing Miles of Terrorist Tunnels in Gaza


The Israel Defense Forces posted a video Tuesday showing their forces destroying six tunnels spanning almost four miles under Gaza City’s Shejaiya neighborhood that were used by Hamas and other terrorist groups. They also unalived over 150 fighters in the process and and discovered large stockpiles of weapons.



In some of the branches, terrorist hideouts and command and control centers were located. In one of the tunnels, weapons and intelligence documents were located.

Here’s a lengthier clip:

One of the tunnels was an important one for Islamic Jihad:

The Islamic Jihad tunnel was described as the group’s “flagship” tunnel in Gaza City, spanning about 1.5 miles in length. It was also used by the terror group as a command base, military officials told The Times of Israel.

Other branching tunnels were located in the heart of the Shejaiya neighborhood, with at least two reaching close to the Israeli border just across from Nahal Oz, one of the kibbutzim decimated on Oct. 7, the Israeli military said.


The Israeli military does not believe the tunnels close to the border were used to carry out the Oct. 7 atrocities, however.

The IDF also responded Monday to a social media post by the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) concerning the plight of Gazan citizens, clapping back by revealing they’d found weapons inside a school and a clinic in addition to UNRWA uniforms.

Recently, while searching a compound with a school and a clinic in the area of Shejaiya, our soldiers located a weapons production site and dozens of weapons, including mortars, machine guns, grenades and Hamas intelligence documents, hidden alongside equipment and @UNRWA uniforms.

The IDF also said they have found three more tunnels, which are scheduled to be detonated in the near future. They’ve been ramping up their operations in Gaza in recent days to root out the terrorists:

The IDF said Monday that it was launching a new operation in the southern and western neighborhoods of Gaza City — which was the most populous city in the Gaza Strip before the war — after discovering Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives have regrouped there.

The Israeli military has once again issued an evacuation warning to cover most of Gaza City.


It’s far from the first time they’ve discovered these clandestine networks:

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It’s unclear how long this war will continue. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under intense scrutiny over citizen casualties, and President Biden’s support has been lukewarm at best. We’ll see what kind of treatment the PM receives when he visits Washington, D.C., to deliver a July 24 address to Congress.

Meanwhile, for folks worried about civilian casualties, I would advise you not to invade your neighbor and savagely kill and rape its citizens.