What Joe and Hunter Biden Did While Attending a Sandy Hook Memorial Raises New Corruption Questions


Somehow, the Biden family has managed to lower the bar even further. According to a new report, Joe and Hunter Biden used a memorial at Sandy Hook shooting to set up a secret business deal with the Chinese. 


The plan? For a CCP-controlled entity to pay the Bidens $10 million a year. You might be asking what the Chinese were getting in return, and the answer appears to be influence in American politics facilitated by the then-former vice president. There’s no sign of any legitimate product or service being offered in any of the documents released so far.

Remember when the president insisted he had no involvement with his son’s business dealings? Yeah, about that. 

Hunter Biden used Joe Biden’s appearance at a Sandy Hook memorial service to arrange a meeting between his dad and his Chinese business partners, new texts reveal.

The messages come from a fresh tranche of documents released by Congress on Wednesday, given to them by IRS agents who investigated the First Son.

On December 12, 2017 Hunter wrote on the Chinese messaging app WeChat to Liu Yadong, a top executive at Chinese oil giant CEFC, to arrange a meeting with his father.

‘Can you meet this evening early,’ Hunter wrote. ‘My father will be in New York also and he wants me to attend the Sandyhook memorial service with him and I would like him to meet you along with my uncle [Jim Biden] and then you and I can talk let me know if that works.’

‘No problem,’ Yadong replied. ‘Pls let me know where and when to meet.’


It takes a special kind of degenerate to use a memorial for deceased children as cover for meeting with the Chinese communists. Has there been another political family in American history with this level of consistent corruption? According to the texts, the whole gang was there, from Joe to Hunter to Jim Biden (the president’s scamming brother).

You may recognize the name CEFC Energy. That’s because it’s the same troubled Chinese entity that Hunter Biden would later infamously threaten over WhatsApp, with the president’s son proclaiming that his father was in the room and ready to exact retribution if the $10 million deal wasn’t followed through on. 

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In other words, CEFC Energy was a CCP front looking to influence American policy with Joe Biden’s help. 

On August 3, 2017, Hunter texted CEFC associate Gongwen ‘Kevin’ Dong that ‘the Bidens are the best I know at doing exactly what the [CEFC] Chairman wants from this partnership’

What’s so insane is that some of Hunter Biden’s business partners have already been indicted for things like FARA violations regarding their relationships with CEFC Energy. Yet, the Bidens continue to get off scot-free despite being the brains and brawn behind the operation. Funny how that works out when Hunter Biden’s father is over the DOJ. 


We’ll see if special counsel David Weiss, who originally tried to quash the investigation into the Bidens, has any stomach for equally applying the law. He’s currently going after Hunter Biden over gun charges, which while a positive development, conveniently leaves Joe Biden untouched.