#Bidementia: We Had Strong Evidence that Biden Was Unfit For the Presidency … in 2020


More than a week ago we had the first debate in 2024 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and well … for Biden, things about as badly as it did on the Hindenburg. The basic problem is that almost every moment in the debate, they were on split screen—you could see both men. When Biden was talking, he was okay, because he had a reason to engage. But the moment Trump started talking, Biden had what John Stewart called ‘resting Twenty-Fifth Amendment face.’


Mind you, we’re not saying Biden was perfect when he was speaking, either. He had several gaffes. One of the worst is when Biden said that he beat Medicare:

We’re not sure what Biden meant to say, but it certainly wasn’t what he did say and he opened himself to a solid zing from Trump. Trump got in another zing when Biden lost his train of thought at another point in the debate:

And that debate became a pivotal moment, when it finally became okay for the press to really start asking if Joe Biden was up to the job of being the candidate, or even to continue on as president. And as we noted the other day, for many American’s the issue was the surprise:

As we said in that prior post:

So, we think that if you are conservative and you have been paying close attention to politics, it is absolutely not a surprise that Joe Biden has a significantly diminished capacity. On the other hand, if you weren’t paying much attention to politics, and you just tuned in for the debate, what you saw was not only sad: It was a shock. And in that shock, you are likely to actually get angry that somehow you were not being told that the President is this feeble before you saw it for yourself. A person like that is likely to ask, why weren’t all the people who are supposed to tell us these things telling us these things? Why was the government covering this up? Why wasn’t the press uncovering it?

That media scandal is the focus of this post. The question is the old Nixon inquiry: What did the Press know and when did they know it? And this author has a bit of a unique perspective on it because starting in September of 2020, we started a very long thread we called #Bidementia. The purpose of that thread was to gather high quality evidence of Joe Biden’s diminished capacity and, well … we think it probably would be interesting to go back over some of that evidence that the Press was either ignoring or rationalizing away.

So we went back over that thread and, sadly, some of the evidence has disappeared. Some of the Twitter/X accounts that were gathering it have been suspended and some of the YouTube videos have disappeared. We tried our Googling best to fix any holes we found, but we’d say about 30% of our evidence has simply disappeared. But even without everything we gathered at the time, the evidence of Biden’s mental decline was powerful.

Still, we said it at the time and we will repeat it now: We are not doctors. Despite our tongue-in-cheek hashtag #Bidementia, we don’t actually know if he has dementia. But you don’t have to be a doctor to recognize when something is wrong with someone, mentally, and any person with more than two brain cells to rub together could see that Joe Biden literally needed his head examined more than four years ago. And by presenting to you now what we presented to the world four years ago, we hope to show how badly the press has dropped the ball on this.



So without further ado, let’s goooooo…

First, we have Joe Biden, in 2020, saying he was seeking the re-election of the Obama-Biden administration. 

(Adopts Jeff Foxworthy voice) If we have to remind you that Trump was the one seeking re-election that year … you might be Joe Biden.

Nor is this the only time Joe Biden got confused about who was running for what:

Next up, we have video of Joe Biden promising that, if president he would join the Paris Peace Accords:

The Paris Peace Accords would be the agreement that ended the Vietnam War and we were already a part of it.

Next Joe Biden claims that 150 million Americans have died due to gun violence. Currently, there are about 330 million people living in America, so apparently, he thinks nearly half of us are dead?

And, as an aside, notice the election denial in his comment about hanging chads.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time he had trouble with numbers. He also claimed that he would put 730 million American women back to work.

Again, there are about 330 million Americans, total. We assume around half of them are women.

Next up, in February of 2020, Joe Biden tells us he was running for the United States Senate (starting at about the 18 second mark):

And here’s a famous one. You know, the thing:

Now, for the next one, Joe Biden said this:

One of the things I’m proudest of is getting passed, getting moved, getting in control of the Paris Climate Accord. I’m the guy who came back after meeting with Deng Xiaoping and making the case that I believe China will join if we put pressure on them. We got almost 200 nations to join.

We normally preferred to use video, but that video has disappeared. But we did find a link to a Newsweek article that did have that quote:


Deng Xiaoping died in 1997. He retired from power in 1992. The Paris Climate Accord was drafted in 2015, and agreed to in 2016. So he was claiming that he met with a dead man.

But as we joked at the time, ‘To be fair, maybe he just thinks all Asians look alike?’ After all, Joe Biden is most explicitly racist president in this author’s lifetime, and it isn’t even close.

Next up, remember how 150 million Americans died due to gun violence? Well, in June of 2020, Biden informed us that 120 million Americans had also died of COVID:

And do you remember how he forgot the Declaration of Independence? Well, here he is confusing the preamble to the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence:

Yes, that also means that whoever posted this video made the same mistake, but we are focusing on Biden right now. He’s the president and whoever posted the video isn’t.

Next up, we have Joe Biden introducing himself as ‘Joe Biden’s husband.’


And to be filed under ‘evidence that Democrats knew he was having cognitive problems,’ here’s Julian Castro, in a debate before Biden was the nominee, accusing Biden of forgetting what he said in the same debate:

Next up, just a moment of Joe Biden straight up losing his train of thought:

Next, during the 2020 primaries, Joe Biden claimed that he had the support of the only black woman ever elected to the Senate. Which was awkward, because there have been two of them, and one of them, Kamala Harris, didn’t support him at that time:

As you might recall, eventually Kamala Harris did become his Vice President, but this was long before he had chosen her to be his veep. At that point in time, Harris was running against him to be the Democratic nominee.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, here he is promising to appoint the first black woman to the Senate.


Besides the fact that there have already been two black women elected to the Senate, do we have to tell you that presidents don’t appoint senators? Even if there is a vacancy, they still don’t appoint them.

And here, well… we don’t actually know what he is trying to say about Trump:

Next up, we see Michael Knowles kindly document two examples where Joe Biden forgot Barack Obama’s name:

It reminds us of a Saturday Night Live skit when Paul Simon forgot Art Garfunkel’s name—except when it’s the president, it is not very funny.

Next up we have Joe Biden talking about how many troops died in Afghanistan and Iran.

If you didn’t know we weren’t fighting in Iran at that time … you might be Joe Biden.

Next up Joe Biden get’s the number of military deaths from COVID massively wrong:

(The part we are highlighting is over at about the 1:47 mark. But if you want to keep listening, feel free.)

Next up, we see Joe Biden getting the numbers wrong, again:

After that, we have Joe Biden engaging in election denial, suggesting that Trump was stealing mailboxes. But in trying to spin this conspiracy theory, he forgot the word ‘mailbox.’ Like he couldn’t remember the word for the thing you put mail into.

Anyway, back to number problems. This time he believed that 200 million Americans had died of COVID. With 150 million Americans dying because of guns, that means 350 million Americans were dead, which is hard to believe because most estimates say there are about 330 million Americans total.

Next up, as a break, we have a skit about how tough it must be to be Joe Biden’s sign language interpreter:

Next we have Joe Biden declaring that he will stop deportations in his first hundred days of his campaign. Of course, a presidential campaign has no power to do anything with respect to deportations. And then things get weird, as pointed out by Tom Elliott:

In this next clip, watch as Joe Biden struggles to speak. At one point, he actually has to close his eyes and concentrate to remember what he was trying to say:


In this clip, we don’t know exactly what is happening here, but he does look like something is very, very wrong with his health:

Here he is answering a question about reducing regulations on farmers with … we have no idea, but it isn’t reducing regulation:

Next up he is speaking to MSDNC MSNBC and suddenly he gets upset about a random dude named ‘John:’

Next watch as Biden struggles to remember what Trump calls his platform:

In this clip, Joe Biden says that he got to the Senate 180 years ago:

Here, Joe Biden forgets what state he is in… even though it is written on the flag right next to him.

This next clip is a little hard to hear, so you might want to put on earphones and/or turn up the volume if you want to verify what we say about it. In the video, Biden claims somehow it was unconstitutional for Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court:

Look, you can reasonably say it was dirty pool or unwise to do so, especially so close to the election, but the Constitution places no limitation on who can be nominated except the implication that it has to be a human being. And if he is referring to the timing of the appointment, the Constitution says nothing about waiting until after an election or something like that.

Next, we have Joe Biden saying he is running for the Senate, again:

Here’s Biden shouting for some reason:

Next up, we didn’t have video, but we had the New York Times and Fox News both agreeing that in May of 2020, Biden said that Margaret Thatcher was worried about how our country would fare if Trump remained President. For the record, Thatcher died in 2013, some three years before Trump became president.

And here’s the sourcing:

Next up, we have Joe Biden stumbling all over himself in a virtual town hall and eventually almost wandering off camera:

In this clip, Joe Biden talks about meeting with the survivors of the Parkland school shooting when he was Vice President:


The shooting actually happened in 2018 when he was a private citizen. So, he is describing vivid memories of events that apparently didn’t happen.

As we have said, we prefer to use video to document these things, but sometimes if a source is reliable and video can’t be found, we will go to that source. This is one of those times:

From the article:

The 2020 presidential hopeful was speaking at the home of businessman Mark Arabo when he referred to ‘the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before’ before correcting himself, noting the shootings took place in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio

Next up, Joe Biden says he has five grandchildren, forgetting two of them exist:

Now, to be completely fair to Biden, there might have been some dispute over whether or not the seventh grandchild was truly Hunter’s at that point in time. Hunter might have been officially denying it in court, so Joe Biden might have felt obligated to deny it, too. We know eventually there was a DNA test that removed all doubt, but there might have been a justification for denying it before then. Or maybe we are being too charitable. Still, that at best excuses leaving out one grandchild. What about the other?

In the next clip, Biden seems to think he was running against someone named George. George W. Bush? George H. W. Bush? George Washington? Who knows?

Joe Biden calls COVID-19 the wrong thing:

We would have accepted Trumps term ‘China Virus,’ ‘Wuhan Flu’ or even ‘WuFlu.’

And this isn’t the only time he did that:

Next, do you remember how Biden introduced himself as ‘Joe Biden’s husband?’ Well, he was introducing Kamala Harris’ husband and … oh no … 

Next up, not only do you get to see Biden’s thoughts wandering in this clip, but watch the other two faces on the screen as he does:

Here Biden is talking about a military general and, well … this happened:

This author wants to be known from now on as ‘Aaron McLawyer.’

Next, he can’t spell ‘respect:’

In this next clip, we will let Zach explain:

And its not like the logos are very similar:


Next we have Biden telling a story and, good Lord, how confused is his speech?

Also, as a bonus, we think Mr. Elliott missed that Biden was trying to reference the movie Green Book, but instead said The Green Mile. The Green Mile is about a death row inmate with supernatural abilities based on a Stephen King novel. According to iMDB, Green Book is about:

A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver for an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South.

But the title also refers to something known as The Negro Motorist Green Book, that was published from 1936 to 1966. Basically, black people weren’t being treated particularly fairly at that time and this book helped black drivers figure out where they could go to eat, get gas, rest for the night and generally not to be harassed by locals including the police, especially in the segregated South. And if you cut through Biden’s generalized confusion, he is saying that these black athletes were telling him they needed to bring gas cans in the car, because they often couldn’t gas up at gas stations open to white motorists.

And that was it for the evidence we gathered for the 2020 election. Of course, there was more instances of Biden having lapses, but it goes to show you that even before he became president, Biden wasn’t all there, all the time.

And that is a subtlety to note, here. Everyone who has taken care of elderly relatives knows that when their minds start to go, they have good moments and bad moments. We don’t deny that there are times where Joe Biden appears more than sharp enough to be president. The problem is there are also moments where he truly doesn’t seem to know where he is and what he is doing. What if China attacks Taiwan and right then, Biden has one of those bad moments? What he if says, ‘Get Margaret Thatcher on the phone so we can figure out how to deal with Deng Xiaoping!’ Do you think we could convince Xi Jinping to put off his plans until Biden remembers where he is, when it is and what he is doing?

Finally, while this isn’t evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline, but let’s take another a trip down memory lane. Lately, Jake Tapper has become a Biden incompetency ‘hawk,’ such as in this segment:

But in October of 2020, he was singing a different tune when Lara Trump brought up that exact issue:

Imagine if the press actually investigated Lara’s claims, instead of dismissing them out of hand.