The Story of Parkinson’s Neurologist’s White House Visits Gets More Involved


I previously reported on the January 17 White House visit by Dr. Kevin Cannard, a neurologist who’s a Parkinson’s expert at Walter Reed Hospital, who met with Joe Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor. Two other people were in the meeting, including a cardiologist, Dr . John Atwood. 


According to Cannard’s LinkedIn, he has served as the “neurology specialist supporting the White House Medical Unit” since 2012, and he’s written about early stages of Parkinson’s.

The White House tried to fluff that off, claiming that “A wide variety of specialists from the Walter Reed system visit the White House complex to treat thousands of military personnel who work on the grounds.”

That might be true, but Dr. O’Connor’s primary responsibility is treating Joe Biden. So, the meeting raised justifiable concerns, particularly in light of Biden’s deteriorating cognitive condition. 

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 As the NY Post’s Jon Levine, who broke the story, said, we need answers. Who was the fourth person in the meeting, and why wouldn’t the White House tell us? 

On Jan 17 at the WH residence clinic, four doctors met: Dr. Kevin O’Connor, WH physician, Dr. Kevin Cannard, Parkinson’s specialist at Walter Reed, John Atwood, cardiologist, and one unidentified 4th person per the visitor logs. 

Why the secrecy about this meeting?


O’Connor said in his report in February that Biden doesn’t have Parkinson’s or any “central neurological disorder.” Levine said we need to hear from Cannard.

Levine also notes that Cannard came to the White House ten times, not for just that one meeting. 

According to The NY Times, Cannard actually visited the White House in November 2022, then eight more times from July 2023 through March 2024. 

Dr. Cannard’s eight more recent visits started on July 28, 2023, when he was listed as meeting with Megan Nasworthy, a White House liaison to Walter Reed. She was listed as the person visited for seven of those meetings, which consistently occurred early, between 7 and 9 a.m. on Fridays, with the exception of the last meeting, which occurred on Thursday, March 28, the day before Good Friday. The logs note a 10th visit that appeared to be for a family tour of the White House.

He may have had more visits since then, but the White House logs that have been released only go up to March at this point.

An array of neurologists who have not personally examined Mr. Biden said they observed symptoms in his public appearances that were consistent with Parkinson’s or a related disease, such as hypophonic speech, forward flexed posture, a shuffling gait, masked face and irregular speech pattern. But they emphasized that a specific diagnosis could not be given without firsthand examination.


As we also reported, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) is demanding Dr. Kevin O’Connor testify. He sent him a letter asking about his connections to the Biden family business dealings and raised questions about if he was able to give accurate and independent evaluations of Joe Biden’s health. 

Biden has refused to take an independent neurological or cognitive exam, which just adds to the fact that we’re not getting transparency here. Biden claims that he’s been “testing himself” by simply doing regular events. But if those are “tests,” he’s failing them. 

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