Biden Will Stagger On All the Way To The Election


Joe Biden’s Friday interview with dwarf propagandist George Stephanopoulos hit the sweet spot – our sweet spot, and Crusty’s. His bizarre performance was not so utterly terrible as to force the Democrat Party to act to get rid of him (to the extent it ever could), but it was still terrible enough for normal people to look at that grinning, dead-eyed golem and know that he’s a mere husk of what once passed for a man. The alleged president – or, rather, his Very Real Doctor wife and the various straphangers and courtiers who make up Biden, Inc., –  will not call off this fight. They will go the distance because they have no other choice. The next four months of humiliation is a small price to pay for the chance to hold on for another termofpulling the strings on the corrupt and perverted marionette masquerading as our chief executive.


Joe Biden isrunning or, rather, stumbling, and there’s really nothing the Democrats can do about it except listen to the violinists playing onthedeck as the Titanic slips beneath the waves.Apparently, only the Lord Almighty can talk Biden into dropping out, but ifPresident Daddyshowers won’t listen to Him about killing babies, there’s no chance Biden willlisten to Himabout this.

The Democrat conundrumis good for us as Republicans, at least until one of our many emboldened enemies decides to take a look at the White House, sees that the “VACANCY” sign is lit, and decides to nuke us ‘til we glow. A wounded Joe Biden is a weakened Joe Biden, and the polls tell the tale. Look where we are. We’re not talking about Trump fighting for North Carolina or even Georgia, Arizona, or Nevada anymore. We’re talking about Trump fighting for Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico,and even (gasp) Virginia – something that choosing Glenn Youngkin for VP might truly put within Donald Trump’s grasp. Biden is sundowning electorally, too, and there is no reason to believe thatanything will come along in the next 16 weeks to reverse the decline.

But there is still hope for him and his lackeys. You have a chance to win if you get on a major party’s ballot – and he is firmly on the ballot unless he and his wranglers decide otherwise. Trump was supposed to get crushed in 2016; he did not. When you have a 30% chance of winning, you will win about a third of the time. Biden can still slouch and mumble his way to a second term – or what part of it he manages to pantomime before KamalaHarriscan corral enough cabinet secretaries and others to 25th Amendment him back to Delaware for good. This is no time for us to get cocky.



Consider that if the vagaries of chance do not win it for him, the dedicated cheating of the Democrats might. Remember that Trump is the second coming of Hitler times Mussolini to the Pol Pot power. He must be defeated by any means necessary, with an emphasis on “any.” All bets are off, all norms are waived. They already tried to put their political opponent in prison starting when it looked like he was the underdog. Who knows what these Bolsheviks will do now that he is the overdog? And there is still the pending kangaroo kourt sentencing in New York – might the Democrat operative in robes actually lock up the leading contender for the presidency? He will if it is to the Democrats’ advantage – luckily for Trump, it is not clear that doing so is to the Democrats’ advantage. After his sham indictment and bogus conviction, he got even more support, so incarcerating him might actually provoke a landslide of such magnitude that even the donkeys cannot cheat their way to pseudo-victory.

Butthey have other options.Lookfor riots.Lookfor ballot shenanigans.Lookfor illegal voting rule changes. Nothing is off the table to keep noted puritan Donald Trump from imposing his “Handmaid’s Tale” vision of the future upon America. Trump would be well-advised to do his rallies in a Kevlar vest, just as Biden would be well-advised to decline to taste any of those homemade chocolate chip cookies that Kamala kindly sends up to him in the Lincoln Bedroom while he is watching “Matlock.”


Themachinationsof fate notwithstanding, Biden is their guy. He has nothing to lose by staying in the race, and the creeps and lowlifes in his orbit have everything to lose by him dropping out. He’s almost certain to stick it out. Could he decide to put the interests of his party and his country first? Theoretically, but when has Joe Biden ever put anyone or anything ahead of his own personal interests? Old dogs don’t learn new tricks, and this dog is ancient.

You can feel the resignation to the inevitable settling in. The other side has no good options. The more cunning poohbahs of the Democrat Party understand that he’s damaged goods and they would love him to leave, except he has a whole-life insurance policy in the form of Vice-President Kamala Harris. She’s even less popular than he is, maybe because she has no physiological excuse when she babbles incoherently. At least the incumbent can fall back on the Middle-Class Joe pose; what working-class guy in one of the blue wall states will vote for aformerMontell Williams sidepiece?

There will be some mumblings and rustlings about getting him toquit, but they will go nowhere. Some backbenchers in safe seats will announce that they think it’s time for him to pull out of the race (though not the presidency itself). It will not make any difference. After a week or two, the regime media will figure out that nothing it says or does will change what’s left of Biden’s mind and stop trying to bumrush him out. The memo will circulate – Guys, he’s staying in so we gotta make this work. In about three weeks, look for the first of the Comeback Joe stories about how he’s shaken off that whole senility vibe thing and found his footing and is connecting with voters and donors and blah blah blah. We will know they are spewing nonsense. They will know they are spewing nonsense. They will not care. They will shut their eyes, lay back, and think of a bright socialist future as they do their sordid duty.


So what do we Republicans do while the Democrats fret and panic? Hopefully, very little. There is no point in interrupting your enemy while he/she/they are in the throes of a self-induced spasm of failure. Follow Trump’s example—say nothing. It’s remarkable how disciplined The Donald has been throughout. In previous campaigns, he would be making himself the center of attention. Not this time. Thank goodness Twitter banned him—he ought to send the former management a case of Trump cabernet sauvignon.

No, this is the Democrats’ problem, and we need to let them writhe for all the world to see. We don’t need to weigh in. We don’t need congressional hearings on the extent of Grandpa Badfinger’s dementia or its cover-up. We need to work – on organizing voters, on fighting pinko lawfare, on collecting ballots. It’s not just Trump we need to get over the finish line; it’s a bunch of future senators and congresscreatures who will help him create the terrifying and awesome American future that the Democrats fear.

While the Democrats fight, we must work. Savor their pain? Sure, but focus onwinning the election. America still has enough stupidvotersto re-elect that vacuous zombie– if theAshley’sshowershorror story didn’t dissuade them, mere dementia surely won’t. Let’s take our victory lap after our victory, not before.The stubborn stupidity of Joe Biden is a gift – let’s make the most of it.


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