We Have to Revisit How MSNBC’s Morning Joe Melted Down Over Trump Demolishing Biden


So much has happened that I couldn’t get to MSNBC’s Morning Joe’s total freakout over Joe Biden’s abysmal debate on July 1. Mika Brzezinski delivered a most entertaining tantrum, emblematic of liberal America entering a state of hypoxia over Biden’s debate with Donald Trump because they don’t know what to do. Reality bashed them in the face, though if they only paid attention, they could have seen the president’s steep mental decline.


Brzezinski’s screed was something out of North Korean state media, listing the politically motivated charges Trump is facing, accusing him of slurring his words, bringing up his convictions, his liable suits, and claiming he tried to launch a coup in 2020. It was absolute cinema. Please list all the things that no one cares about because they’ve been either debunked or dismissed due to people seeing right through the political circus inherent with any anti-Trump campaign.

The MSNBC host then has the courage to ask why people aren’t calling for Trump to drop out of the race, claiming that maybe we’re all desensitized to the lies or misinformed. That was the kicker—let liberal America, which has shown to be media illiterate, lecture us about misinformation. It’s you people who manufacture it. 

Does Mika know that Biden’s standard is higher because he’s the president? He claimed to beat Medicare, brutally botched an answer on abortion, veering off into some tangent about how we need to codify Roe because families are raping each other en masse, and couldn’t deliver any lines without looking and sounding his age. He was also mentally gassed and had to be helped off the stage by Jill Biden. 



Trump doesn’t have the nuclear codes, Mika. That’s Joe, who thinks Philadelphia is in Delaware. In the coming days since this equally braindead soliloquy, the Democratic Party has approached a state of civil war over Biden as megadonors, and Hill Democrats want him gone. In contrast, Democratic governors and the base want him to stay. 

The North Korean media aspect arose when Brzezinski tried to claim that a terrible night for Biden wasn’t a victory for Trump. Yes, it was—your feelings don’t matter, ma’am. One person wins, the other loses—the most elementary part of this issue. She then goes on about how Biden tells the truth while Trump lies and how Trump will threaten our institutions and the like. I guess she hasn’t read about the pervasive overreach and overall creepiness from Biden’s Justice Department, which is now visiting Americans’ homes over anti-Biden posts on social media. 

Oh, and she claims that Biden was “slowed down by a cold” and Trump is a man with a “cold, vile, and merciless heart.” Please, this segment alone only reinforces my support for the former president, as it will for millions of other Republicans if we watched this show that no one watches. They never learn; the more you hate Trump, the more we like him. Your guy has a broken brain and can’t do the job—75 percent of Americans are with us on that one. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Re-watch this tantrum for motivation, folks. It’s liberals freaking out because there’s no spin, no explanation that’s remotely believable other than Biden can’t do the job. Trump didn’t win the debate—says who. The polls show Trump commanding a 30-plus-point blowout over Biden when asked who won the debate, so who is uninformed, Mika? Trump is beating Biden in key swing states, with the president bogged down by a 32 percent approval rating and three-fourths of the country saying he’s too old to be president.


They don’t know what to do or how to react, and I love it.