Biden’s Post-Debate Damage Control — What Really Happened in the Stephanopoulos Interview


After Joe Biden’s catastrophic debate performance, his handlers quickly scheduled a puff piece interview with Democrat lick-spittle George Stephanopoulos of the entrenched Democrat propaganda outlet ABC “News.” Biden’s haberdasher and cosmetologist exercised their arts in extremis, hoping to create the impression of vitality. The unbuttoned shirt and blue sport coat did nothing to dispel the aura of cadaverous decay. 


You can find the full interview and transcript here, but of all the whoppers told and obsequiously received by Stephanopoulos, nothing compared to Biden’s distillation of his accomplishments into a fanciful homiletic about what he’d hoped to achieve as president. “I wanted to do three things: restore some decency to the office, restore some support for the middle class instead of trickle-down economics, both from the middle out and the bottom up — the way the wealthy still do fine, everyone does better — and unite the country.”  

By any standard, Joe Biden has failed the American people categorically. But, his failures aren’t his alone. As is now obvious to everyone, Biden hasn’t been calling the shots for a very long time. His party, though the full extent of manipulation, conspiracy, and corporatist influence will probably never be known, has propped him up as a surrogate through which to pursue their statist encroachments on civil liberties. 

It is the Democrat Party which truly owns the apocalyptic presidency of “lunch bucket” Joe Biden. One need look no further than the weekly tally of their grocery bill. Under the Democrat regime, food prices have, on average, quadrupled — so much for the integrity of your lunch bucket. But, Joe and the monied Democrats aren’t the least bit worried. 

Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Secretary, recently dismissed everyday American’s concerns about “sticker shock” at the grocery store. Yellen, worth an estimated $20 million dollars, has no problem stuffing her lunch box with caviar and bubbly. It was a “let them eat cake” moment, which is the standard Democrat posture regardless of the political issue. 



Wealth, acquired honestly and irrespective of class, is a wonderful thing and is uniquely capitalist. The problem with people like Biden and Yellen is their manipulation of a blue collar mystique. The reality of Democrat attitudes is one of wealth acquisition by any means necessary, regardless their fiduciary duties as representatives of the people. They feign an allegiance to the working class and the impoverished. It’s a lie and cheap con that comes readily to those who are bereft of morality. 

Biden’s stated desire to “restore some decency to the office” rings hollow in light of his long history of indiscretions. And, in his dotage, Biden’s aggressive petting and sniffing spates have become so pronounced as to become a part of pop culture lampoons. You may disagree with Trump’s brashness and mean “tweeting,” But, Joe Biden is credibly accused of rape. Tara Reade, one of eight women who came forward during the 2020 election campaign, accused Biden of digitally penetrating her. But, since a Democrat darling and sock-puppet was implicated, the “me too” feminist corps has been graveyard silent. 

What’s worse, Biden’s daughter, Ashely, wrote in her diary about taking “showers with my dad” which were “probably not appropriate.” The diary was stolen from her and subsequently ended up in the possession of Project Veritas. Ashley Biden has since asserted that the comments were “stream of consciousness” and taken out of context. Given the highly politicized nature of her family, the incredible pressures to protect her father’s career, and the unimaginable difficulty in dealing with a publicized, incestuous incident, it’s safe to conclude there is more truth to the statements in her diary than Ashely is comfortable admitting. Moreover, it’s logical to conclude that plain statements made in assumed privacy are likely to be far more truthful than passionate statements made in public long after the fact. It’s akin to the “spontaneous utterance” doctrine, which should be very familiar to any law school student studying the rules of evidence. 


True to form, Biden makes shambles out of economic theory, and suggests the association of “trickle down economics” with capitalist economists like Thomas Sowell or Milton Friedman. Democrats have been trying to make the “trickle down” label stick to President Ronald Reagan for decades. The problem is, he never used the phrase. It’s simply a trope designed to make constituents think Republicans are for the rich, and Democrats are for the destitute or underserved.

Bidenomics has created levels of inflation not seen since the Carter administration. You can do your own quick fact check. How much more are you paying for gasoline as compared to 2020? Have your energy bills increased? How about the check you get when you take the family out for a nice meal? Do you need to consider taking out a second mortgage when the waitress brings the bill? Or, consider Biden’s Federal Reserve, headed by Jerome Powell. Interest rates have risen so high as to price most first time home buyers out of the market.

And, just like his predecessor and guru, Barack Hussein Obama, he’s managed to sow nothing but discord and division by weaponizing his DOJ and FBI. Biden has destroyed the comity inherent in law and order by furthering the “defund the police” agenda of his Marxist puppet masters. These architects of utopianism are determined to destroy civil liberties and replace them with the doctrines of statism. Moreover, Biden’s DEIA policies have done more to cripple the DOD and every executive branch federal agency than any foreign adversary could dream. The destabilizing effects on national security are incalculable.  


All this and more is the sad litany of Biden’s colossal failure. But, at every step of the deconstruction of American exceptionalism, the Democrat Party has been there to facilitate the calculated decline. In human terms, our only immediate hope is to return the White House to former President Donald Trump, and allow his America First policies to heal a nation broken by Biden’s party first agenda.