SCHADENFREUDE: The Union of People Who Work for the NEA Teachers Union Are Striking … Against the NEA


Jake Eaton’s account isn’t the largest on Twitter/X but even the smallest account can find a nugget of fun, and this is definitely fun:


And his summary is pretty much dead on. From the article:

The National Education Association Staff Organizations (NEASO) announced Friday it is going on strike, prompting President Biden to cancel a planned speech before the NEA’s convention.

The NEASO said they were on an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike against the NEA headquarters in Washington, D.C., filing two ULP complaints with the National Labor Relations Board.

Just to break in, why do some people turn everything into acronyms? Maybe that made sense when space in a newspaper was at a premium, but it makes no sense on a website. A blogger friend of ours once joked that he ‘buys pixels by the terabyte.’ 

So why not just type out ‘unfair labor practice?’

Going on:

The group alleges the country’s largest teachers’ union has not bargained over unilateral changes, accusing the NEA of wage theft and failing to provide information regarding outsourcing $50 million to contractors.

Oh, there is not enough popcorn in the world to help us to fully enjoy this. The article continues:

‘The National Education Association has threatened to host its convention virtually to avoid a physical picket line. For a union to trick its members into crossing a picket line is reprehensible. It also confirms what we have been saying: NEA has abandoned its union values with its actions at the bargaining table,’ said NEASO President Robin McLean. 

‘NEA would rather cancel a multi-million-dollar convention than comply with labor law. NEA members should question where their hard-earned dues dollars are being used — and wasted,’ McLean added. 

The NEA and its staff union met on Thursday night, and the NEA said it has offered to increase the average salary for employees from $124,004 to $133,218. 

The strike will last for two days at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.



Needless to say, he wasn’t the only person to have fun with it.

A solid Animal Farm reference.

And for some reason this was labeled by Twitter/X probable spam:

Elon, your system is still seriously out of whack. Again, X is better than Twitter, but it is far, far from perfect.

This honestly has us wondering. Okay, so the NEA is the union for many teachers. And they have staff. And that staff has unionized as the National Education Association Staff Organizations.


But … does the National Education Association Staff Organizations union have any staff? And if they do, could they unionize? Maybe call themselves National Education Association Staff Organizations Union of Staff Workers, the NEASOUSW? And then would that union have staff? And what if that staff unionized? Would that union also have a staff? And then could it unionize…?

Maybe the actual metaphor we should be using in our featured image isn’t a snake eating itself so much as those Russian nesting dolls?

Hey, what was yesterday’s conspiracy theory is often tomorrow’s fact, so who knows?

No, we suppose you can’t. But we can laugh.

And good on Mr. Eaton for finding something to make us laugh, with. We always love the small accounts that say something interesting.