Dallas ‘top dog’ among U.S. cities with the most pet-friendly rental listings, study says


They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s true of our love for our pets. Dallas was followed by Austin and San Antonio for most pet-friendly rental listings.

DALLAS — Everything is bigger in Texas, including Texans’ love for their dogs.

The data backs it up. Researchers at real estate marketplace Zillow and dog product company BARK partnered up to determine the top cities in the country to find dog-friendly rentals. 

Dallas was the top (for) dogs, with 79% of its rental listings designated as pet friendly, followed by Austin at 77% and San Antonio at 75%. Charlotte, North Carolina, and Indianapolis, Indiana rounded out the top five with 75% and 74%, respectively.

The national average is 55%.

“While there are many cities where dogs are living the dream, three Texas cities lead the pack for their exceptional love and accommodations for canines,” Zillow’s website states. 

And what pet names are you most likely to hear in the dog park?

In Dallas, the most popular dog names in Dallas are Bella and Charlie, according to the study. The most popular dog names in Austin are Winston and Charlie, and the most popular dog names in San Antonio are Athena and Bailey.

What about the most popular breeds? 

According to BARK, the most popular dog breeds in Dallas and Austin are golden and labrador retrievers, and the most popular breeds in San Antonio are the labrador retriever and German Shepherd.

The Zillow data was determined by analyzing the share of pet-friendly rentals in the largest 25 cities by population size in the U.S. The most popular dog names and breeds in each city were determined based on BARK’s data on BarkBox and Super Chewer subscribers.

Pet-friendly rental options are more important than ever, too. According to Zillow data, 59% of renters reported having at least one pet and 40% reported having a dog in 2023, up from 2019, when 46% of renters had a pet and 31% had a dog.

For more information and tips for moving with your pet, visit Zillow’s website.