DeSoto ISD increases security measures after a teen who was not a student brings a gun in the school


“I think they should do better. The safety plan is not even that safe to me,” said Kelis Bass, a DeSoto High School senior.

DESOTO, Texas — It is a feeling of helplessness. 

“We’re the kids, and the kids are doing the shooting,” said Kelis Bass, a DeSoto High School senior.

It is also a feeling of confusion.

“All of these kids, what are you bringing a gun for? For what? What’s the danger in school,” asked Bass.

She said enough is enough as her school has become the latest in North Texas to have a gun incident. 

“Do better,” said Bass.

DeSoto ISD said an argument between two students on Thursday spilled onto campus. Later, a student let a 17-year-old male who did not attend DeSoto ISD enter the school through an unauthorized entrance. Students normally wear uniforms, but it was a free dress day. 

“Which is why the student was able to slip in,” said Tiffanie Blackmon-Jones, DeSoto ISD Chief Communications Officer.

The district said shortly after, there was a fight. That 17 year old did not jump in the fight. After security broke it up, others pointed out he was not a student. That is when security found a gun on the teen. 

“Our encouragement to kids that when they see something, say something, worked, and so because kids communicated their awareness of the conflict of the concern with security personnel, they were able to get in front of it quickly before it got out of hand,” said Blackmon-Jones.

Bass was not in school that day but showed WFAA messages her principal sent just before 1 p.m. in the school’s chat.

“It says, ‘Lockdown, Get in the classroom. Parents, we’re fine,” said Bass. When it was over, another message read, “We are good, the threat is gone. Security and admin did a good job! Please stress to your kids to not open doors.”

“I think they should do better. The safety plan is not even that safe to me,” said Bass. 

The district said they also sent texts and emails to parents.

DeSoto ISD is just one of many schools in our area to experience incidents like this, and students said they are sick of it. 

“It’s up to the parents and the administrators to help these kids and actually figure out what’s wrong with them before this even happens,” said Bass.

The district has increased security, and students are not allowed to bring backpacks for the remainder of the year. Next year, 6-12 grade students must wear clear backpacks. 

“Our main focus in all of this is just continuing to emphasize safety,” said Blackmon-Jones.

It is a nationwide concern. 

“It is kind of normalized now in America, sadly. But, what can we do about that,” asked Bass.

That 17-year-old is charged with unlawful carry of a weapon in a prohibited place.