Illegal Immigrant From Mexico Arrested for Operating ‘Rape Dungeon on Wheels’


On Monday, Eduardo Sarabia, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers and has now been charged with two counts of forcible rape. Sarabia was operating what was described as a “rape dungeon on wheels” in the Los Angeles area. The LA County Sheriff’s Department is asking other possible victims to come forward.


A man accused of being a serial rapist who attacked his victims in a “rape dungeon on wheels” was arrested after deputies allegedly caught him in the act, and authorities said they’re searching for more victims.

Eduardo Sarabia was arrested on May 13, and has been charged with two counts of forcible rape. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies said the two incidents happened on May 12 and May 13. Two deputies said they caught him in the act Monday inside that white van, off of Highway 39 in the Angeles National Forest, north of Azusa. Investigators said Sarabia is a transient and an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Residents of the area where Sarabia is accused of operating expressed serious concern about the incident and hoped that Sarabia would be kept off the streets. 

Nearby residents told FOX 11 they hope the suspect stays off the streets.

“I think it’s terrible that we can’t even be safe on the streets. It’s hard to believe the way things are today and the way they used to be. You can’t even be on public transportation with two people being stabbed. It’s scary,” Azusa resident Rita Miller said.

“It’s scary. It’s not safe, you know I have kids and it worries me. It’s really scary and I’m glad he’s been caught. I’m glad that it’s over with him,” added Anna Dueñas, a Duarte resident.


Sarabia is currently being held without bond and will return to court in June.

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The van Sarabia was using, a Ford Transit, is intended as a cargo van, not to carry passengers, and has no windows in the rear compartment. Details on how the van was fitted out were not released, and frankly, we should be relieved at that.

Advocates for unchecked, uncontrolled immigration are fond of claiming that the crime rates among what they call the “undocumented” are lower than in the population at large — neglecting to mention, of course, that their very entry into the United States is a crime. However, it doesn’t take too many incidents like this to build a case for getting control of the southern border. As for immigration policy, that should be tailored not only towards controlling our borders and who enters the country in general, but to attract (and to only attract) immigrants who bring something of value to their new home and whose primary desire is to become American.


Eduardo Sarabia clearly doesn’t fit that profile. His victims would surely agree.

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