Let’s Be Real About Why People are Actually Mad About Harrison Butker’s Speech


Social media is aflame with a speech made by Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker to a group of graduating students at a Catholic school. As RedState has covered, the speech was filled with Christian themes and — horror of horrors — messaging that ran contrary to the feminist narrative.

I’m of the opinion that a grown woman can and should make whatever decisions she wants for her life that make her happy. They’re grown adults capable of navigating their lives for themselves. If they take great joy in their accomplishments at work then by all means, put focus on that. 

But, I think that after decades of women in the workplace, we’ve seen that while it may be rewarding in women’s younger years, as they age, the workplace slowly becomes less important and even a regret. 

According to the Institute of Family Studies, many childless women are happy about where they are when they’re in their 20s and early in their 30s. However, as they maintain that lifestyle into later years, their happiness dissipates and regret begins to seep in. By the time they’re in their 50s, women report a high level of unhappiness for not having made families. 

Not wanting to have children when you’re younger is understandable. When getting your career going and the whole world is ahead of you, introducing a child into the picture is a big change. Raising a child is hard work, expensive, and stressful. For women who bear the brunt of childcare by nature, the prospect can be frightening. 

But we all get older, and the proverbial ticking clock is loudest for women who have a cut-off point where having a child and making a family, at least naturally, is out of the question. 

Childless regret is real, yet you’ll find a host of articles online trying to convince people it’s no big deal. 

A myriad of women going into their late 30s who are childless and often single, tearfully confessing their regret for not focusing on family, say that this is a big deal. 

The brutal truth is that the promises of modern feminism are lies. Modern feminism promises that if you follow its direction and focus on yourself, that you’ll live the most happy and fulfilled life. Perhaps there are some women out there who are, but the majority of aging women are not showing that. 

Let’s be honest about why Butker’s message evoked the backlash it did…

…it’s because he’s right. So right that if women were to look more closely at the data behind all the corporate press articles that encourage women to get into the workplace to be wage slaves, rewarding corporations with a workforce that ticks ESG boxes for more money and gives the government more taxable income, more women would be horrified and walk away from the feminist lie. At the very least, it would begin removing focus from their careers and begin putting them more on raising and maintaining a family. 

Moreover, on the political front, if women woke up from the feminist lie, it would begin depleting the vote from Democrats heavily, which bill themselves as the party of women and feminism despite not being able to tell us what a woman is. 

Possibly more egregious to these people is that these women would hear Butker discuss the happiness and fulfillment that comes with living a Christian life, and for the leftist authoritarians, social justice obsessed, and feminist wackos, that is probably the most horrifying thought of all. Women cannot worship a modern god if their eyes are on their creator, the one true God. 

Butker did something incredibly brave in this day and age…he spoke the truth. A truth that even some people on the right have a hard time accepting. But in the end, the truth always comes out. The hope is that when it does, it’s not too late for people to benefit from it. 

Get married. Have children.