Megyn Kelly Demolishes Jill Biden in Brutal Takedown About Her Desire for Power


I wrote earlier about the ABC report that Jill Biden was “lashing out” at people who want Joe Biden to step aside from the campaign. 

Journalist Megyn Kelly called that out as “sick”: 


But that was calm, compared to how she ripped her during an interview with Piers Morgan earlier in the week. She said Jill has been “exposed” as a “power-hungry aspirant herself to political power”:

Kelly pointed out how Jill Biden was on the cover of Vogue this week as well to “promote herself.” She referenced how Jill had tweeted out a picture of herself, sitting in the presidential chair on Air Force One, on the way to the G7, showing how she thought she was the one in power. 

That was actually in 2021, and Jill tweeted she was “prepping” for the meeting. I wrote about it at the time:

Was she telling us even then who was doing the work behind the scenes? 

“She’s not the damn President! Get out of the chair!” Kelly exclaimed. “No one elected you to lead us politically.” 

Kelly then ripped Jill’s obsession with being called “Dr.” Jill got an Ed.D. Kelly explained how her father got a Ph.D but he never would have insisted people call him doctor. 


“Why does she insist on it?” Kelly asked. “Because she’s power hungry. She has a small fractured ego that she needs built up. She needs the affirmation of strangers to give her an honorarium…she wants it.”

Kelly spoke about how Jill guided Joe down the stairs after the debate and then made those comments to him, like he was a child, about answering “all the questions.” Kelly said it was like how she speaks to her dog when he sits on command. This is supposed to be the “leader of the free world.” Kelly declared, “She knows how infirm he is.” 

Exactly. No one voted for Jill, or the tight circle of aides said to be shielding him like “Weekend at Bernie’s.” If he can’t perform the job, then he isn’t fit. 

Kelly also noted that if he isn’t willing to take a cognitive exam, then it’s probably because he knows the results won’t be good:

Kelly blasted the people behind Biden, in addition to Jill, who are letting this go on: 


I do disagree with her on the last statement a bit. Biden was on board with this even as he had to know he was having issues. I believe he’s greatly impaired now. He has to know it, yet he’s still saying everything is just hunky dory. So while I blame Jill, he has a responsibility as well.

The Biden team now faces a mountain of questions, particularly in light of his refusal to take a cognitive exam and now, a report about his doctor meeting with a neurological expert and Parkinson’s specialist. The White House and the campaign are doing the best they can to spin, but they’re running out of time as the calls for him to step aside continue to grow. Biden is simply not dealing with that reality.