ABC News’ Chief WH Correspondent Seems Surprised Biden Staff Gave Radio Host Questions to Ask Biden


As we told you earlier, a Philadelphia radio host was being interviewed on CNN about her chat with President Biden this week and said something that might not surprise you on two separate levels: A) The White House sent her eight questions to choose from, and B) She agreed to it and chose four of those scripted questions to ask Biden.


Here’s that video:

Is anybody very surprised?

Well, you knew some in the White House press could be counted on to be somewhat surprised by this development:

And to that “say what” we respond with an even louder “say what?”

It’s nothing short of hilarious how many journo types are pretending all this — from Biden’s cognitive issues to WH staff working hand-in-hand with reporters — is just now a new thing.



Shocking… shocking!

There are a lot of journos these days doing their best impressions of Captain Renault.