Miserable Cranks on Social Media Dump on Miss Universe Olivia Culpo’s GORGEOUS Wedding Dress


You can bet your money that — no matter what you post on social media — there will be a bunch of miserable cranks who show up to rain on your parade.

Olivia Culpo — former Miss Universe — recently married Christian McCaffrey, and her wedding dress was the cause of criticism and controversy on social media.



Because it was modest.

Some people need hobbies.

Here are some of the comments:

‘Amish bride’ — she was literally Miss Universe.

These people are also so jealous.

It’s social media. There’s always someone who’ll complain.

But it’s a choice they don’t like, so it’s the wrong choice.



Nasty Audra is correct though.

Because they need to touch grass.

No one’s but hers.

This is beautiful.

MAJOR jealousy.

It is simple and elegant.


It’s always the Twitter trolls.

Really does give the game away.

Very sad.

Make it make sense.