Patriot Front Jumps Out of Their U-Haul Trailer in Nashville


Someone will mention this below, but what is the deal with Patriot Front? They’re allegedly a far-right, white supremacist organization. And yet it seems like no one in the media has any interest in doxxing their leader and giving us his life story. We’ve never seen a member of Patriot Front interviewed. They just pull up in their U-Hauls, hop out, and march. What do they even want?


Some intrepid journalist should track where those trailers were rented. Where’s home base for these guys?

You’ll notice this isn’t news footage from a network affiliate in Nashville.



Thanks to what looks like the Proud Boys, at least one has been unmasked.

We don’t know when this was. We’ve seen them march on the Capitol in D.C., at the March for Life in Chicago, and even in Manhattan.


Couldn’t they spray paint something or break a window or two? Some of them are carrying shields. Are they expecting a confrontation?